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How to start working with tex core? [duplicate]

I've been programming, writing articles and presentations on LaTeX for couple of years; and made few tutorials about starting working with latex, adjusting properties to write on Georgian, drawing 2D/...
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Good beginner's guide to LaTeX programming [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where do I start LaTeX programming? After a year of using LaTeX I've become fairly comfortable with troubleshooting common errors. As my confidence with LaTeX increases, I now ...
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How to go about learning to program in Tex? [duplicate]

I have been using Tex for a few years now and enjoyed the work of others (e.g., ctan packages, templates, styles). My question sees to practical code to learn from. What would be a good primer, or ...
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Programing in Latex, if and? [duplicate]

I know about \ifthenelse. Is it possible to programming in LaTeX like in C, with loops and arrays?
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Good resources to understand how LaTeX is constructed layer after layer? [duplicate]

I have been a user of LaTeX for a couple of years now, and I would like to start to be involved in the writing packages. The problem is that currently, a lot of things appear to me as "black magic". ...
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How can I learn to make my own packages? [duplicate]

I can say I know how to create documents in LaTeX. However, I want to learn more. I would like to know how to learn to create my own packages. It may be a bit presumptuous for a beginner, but at least ...
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What is needed to develop a macro or documentclass (.sty or .cls) [duplicate]

Sometimes I would like to design my own document classes or macros to meet personal requirements better. What knowledge is required? I feel that developing these things are not really based on the ...
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What are good learning resources for a LaTeX beginner?

Which book (free or otherwise) was the most useful to you when you started learning LaTeX? I am frequently asked this question by friends who want to learn LaTeX, and I recommend the book which got ...
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Which manuals are on your "TeX Reference" shelf?

This is a community wiki since there is no "one true answer"- if you find an answer that contains a lot of your choices, but is missing something you feel is incredibly useful. Feel free to add it. ...
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Style/class tutorials

What are some good tutorials on writing custom styles (classes) that clearly explain commands used and some of the features that TeX has to offer in the way of styles?
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Where do I find out how a command/environment is defined?

Say I want to redefine the itemize environment, or make a modified version of it. I want to know how it is currently defined. Where do I find this information? If it's some particular package command, ...
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Reducing the console output of LaTeX

When I run pdfLaTeX, I get very verbose output: (/usr/local/texlive/2008/texmf-dist/tex/generic/pgf/frontendlayer/tikz/librarie s/tikzlibrarycalc.code.tex) ... Is there a script to soak up all the ...
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What is the best way to learn TeX?

As opposed to LaTeX, which is addressed in another question. Most of the references I've seen get too complex too quickly. I'm looking for something that gives me a top-down view of the language - ...
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How to best debug LaTeX?

..and I don't mean finding out why it doesn't compile, I mean serious debugging: breakpoints, figuring out value of variables at a given moment during run/compile, stepping, examining a stack (is ...
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How do I create a LaTeX package?

I would like to jump into the cold waters of LaTeX package creation, mostly for procrastination reasons...but I haven't a clue how to start. For example, a previous question of mine got some nice ...

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