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Conditional compilation of code based on package version [duplicate]

I am working on a document with a colleague and we have different versions of PGF/Tikz installed -- I have version 3 and he has version 2.10. This is causing a problem for compilation on our two ...
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Definition conditional on pgfversion [duplicate]

Due to a change in behaviour between versions of pgf, I want to introduce a conditional definition that depends on whether or not \pgfversion >= 3. How can I do this?
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How can I manually install a package on MiKTeX (Windows)

I'm new to LaTeX, investigating using it for some work projects. I'm using MiKTeX on Windows. My employer's locked-down network blocks the application's automatic installation function. I can take ...
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Avoid linebreaks in LaTeX console / log output (or increase columns in terminal)

Is it possible to tell the LaTeX command not to use line breaks in its console / log output? This would make it easier to automate the processing of the log file, e.g. extracting the names of missing ...
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Test if a package (or package option) is loaded

[french]{babel} (aka frenchb) is incompatible with some other packages, such as tikz, since it tries to insert \thinspace before semi-colons. In order to make these two play nice, you have to call \...
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How do I find which pgf version I have installed on Windows (MikTeX)?

I'm not sure how to find which version of pgf with MikTeX installed on my computer (Windows 7 - 64 bit).
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Limiting the number of authors in the references with IEEEtran

I'm trying to limit the number of authors that appear in the references by putting "et al." when their number is equal or greater than 3. According to the documentation (in page 8), you have to ...
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Detecting which version of the LaTeX format is in use

ltxcmds provides \ltx@ifpackagelater, \ltx@ifclasslater, \ltx@iffilelater and there is \@ifpackagelater - but is there any "if TeX later" or some other way to (automatically) get the used TeX version (...
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Require a certain (or later) version of a package?

Is there a way to enforce that a certain version, or a later version, of a package is loaded when building the document? I've found that compiling a document on another platform, where the package ...
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How to plot a scatterplot in PGFPlots

I tried to plot a scatterplot from data. I took hint from the site and my tex file is \documentclass[a4paper]{amsart} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \...
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Removing slide numbers in the Madrid theme

I use the Madrid theme. I would like to know how to remove the slide number and the total number of slides from ALL slides in my presentation.
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\RaggedRight makes document longer

I have a document carefully written to fit in 4 pages; but when I added a \raggedright (or \RaggedRight with use of the ragged2e package) the length gets longer. Furthermore, suddenly the output isn'...
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Automatically Determine which TeXLive Version is being used

I would like to be able to automatically determine which release of TeXLive that I am running. I sometimes encounter a problem where it is useful to test that the file compiled correctly in an older ...
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Algoritmic return command = 0

Can you suggest me what is wrong with using return command in algorithms. when I add \RETURN $C to my LaTeX document I get return C =0, what I need is just return C. \begin{algorithm} ...
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When using Caption Package, I receive: "Undefined control sequence \captionsetup "

I introduce a figure as follows: \begin{figure} \centering \includegraphics[scale=0.300]{Figure.eps} \caption{Caption for the figure} \label{a} \end{figure} In the preamble I have written: \...
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