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How to add todo notes?

Is there a simple way to add todo notes to LaTeX documents ? I would like to have these notes in red in the generated pdf and a simple syntax to write them.
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Rounded box around placeholder text that supports line breaking

I want to draw a rounded box around a piece of text like that: The left and right borders should be half circles and line breaking should be supported. This my code so far: \setuppapersize[A7] \...
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todonotes: How to make literally inline notes without line breaks?

For the following MWE, I need the inline note to be in the same line without extra space or additional line breaks. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{todonotes} \author{diaa} \begin{document} ...
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Change color and background behind text of all 'description' environments

I'm new with LaTeX and like to change some parameters of the description environment throughout the document. As minimum, I like to have two arguments: color of text of item and background-color ...
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Multiple lists of to-do-notes

I use the todonotes package to keep track of stuff that has to be done by various persons. At the moment, I use prefixes and colors to track who is responsible for what. However, I'd rather like to ...
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Mark a place "to be done" with todonotes

I'm trying to create a \tbd (To Be Done) macro to add a todonote on a chapter/section/subsection/etc easily with the following properties. to have a useful list of todos with a simple macro call: the ...
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automatically add additional space for annotations while keeping layout the same

Consider, I've got a document I am asked to review in a way, that I add todonotes/marginnotes with comments. Therefore the usual document margin might be to small. Is there a way to just add ...
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Highlighting text for review

I am looking for a way to highlight sections, sentences, etc for review without breaking the paragraphs up. I have tried the package todonotes, but I couldn't get the underlining to work with ...
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How to intelligently handle notes to self?

I'm new to LaTeX, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep my notebook of experiments in it. It is often my habit, when writing about the experiments I have conducted, to write "notes to self". ...
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Paragraph and subparagraph titles inherit color settings from TeX group *after* them

I'm getting some strange behaviour when using the color package at paragraph and subparagraph level. See the code snippet below: \usepackage[usenames,dvips]{color} \section{A} {\color{Green} \...
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Color switches are problematic with footnotes, longtable and hyperref

When using the color package in its switch form (\color cf. \textcolor), things can get confused using certain packages, with footnotes, and with section headings. The section headings issue was ...
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Todonotes, inline with no decorations

I would like to use the todonotes package, but when I do inline todos, I don't want them to look any different. At the end of the document, I will list all the todos with \listoftodos and there they ...
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Put text on top of text that has strikethrough - like one would edit an essay

I would like to obtain the same effect as in this question: Write text above other text But in those answers, it doesn't flow properly across multiple lines of text in the essay. If you strike too ...
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How to track changes that need to be retranslated?

I often need to write multilingual documents. I usually put the translations into a macro like this, so that I can quickly render documents with either of the languages or both, but modify the syntax ...
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