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How to enumerate the items in line within the paragraph not each item in a separate line? [duplicate]

I want to have the following: A graph can be cut in several ways including \begin {enumerate*} [label=\itshape\alph*\upshape)] \item minimum cut, \item normalised cut and \item average cut. \end {...
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How to enumerate items inline? [duplicate]

I have to make the list look exactly like this (Cyrillic letters are not the problem). Could you please help me.
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Item list in two columns [duplicate]

Any ideas on how to make an item list with the following form: (a) Chemistry .................... (b) Physics (c) Mathematics .............. (d) Biology It seems to me that I can use \usepackage[...
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Disable newline when using enumerate [duplicate]

Could you tell me please, how to disable the transition to a new line when I use enumerate ? I need to do it as in the picture. For No1, I do not use enumerate but for “a” and “b”, I use enumerate
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Ask questions side by side [duplicate]

How do I put questions side by side?
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Numbering without changing lines [duplicate]

I use \begin{enumerate} to label the equations (more precisely, problems for the assignments). And I found that the line changes if I change \item. I know that this situation is natural, but I've ...
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How do I change the `enumerate` list format to use letters instead of the default Arabic numerals?

I've seen documentation whereby an \alph command is put around the \begin{enumerate} somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure how that operates...
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Is there a package that can automatically align and number a series of calculations?

This is what I am currently doing with the alignat environment of the amsmath package. But I find the syntax heavy and not very user-friendly. I would like the numbering to be automatic a) ... b) ... ...
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inline and vertical enumeration in the same document

I want to implement both inline and vertical enumeration in my document. I know that inline enumeration can be achieved using inline option of enumitem package. In addition, I found this question (...
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How can you put items on one line and center them?

Is there an easy way to make the items appear horizontally and not vertically and also be centered? I have tried the following code but the points are squahed to the left side and there is no space in ...
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list-item automatically span to text width

I would like to span the list-item to textwidth automatically. If it's possible to align in 4 list to text-width (based on the long-length text) otherwise if it's to align in 3 list to text-width. My ...
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Justify a Horizontal List

I want to justify a horizontal list. I'm able to get a horizontal list but I want to have it justified horizontally. Here's what I have so far: \documentclass[landscape]{article} \usepackage[inline]{...
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Horizontal lists with ConTeXt

What is the ConTeXt equivalent of \usepackage[inline]{enumitem}? See: How to make horizontal lists? I have read without finding what I need.
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Vertically Align Multiple Horizontal Lists

I'm trying to achieve the following: So I'd like to have in-line lists, that our flush with the left margin and vertically aligned with each letter. I achieved the result above by manually spacing, ...
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How to indent the items which are in a line?

My aim was to make horizontal lists and followed this question(See the answer from @SDrolet): How to make horizontal lists? And now I have the following (UPDATE) \documentclass{article} \usepackage[...
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