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How can I test for the current font?

The situation is the following, I have one font a with one feature and another font b with another feature and I am writing a command that if the current font is a need to switch to font b but if the ...
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What point (pt) font size are \Large etc.?

In the preamble I have: \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Arial} What can be inferred about the real font pt size for the following? \tiny, \scriptsize, \...
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What are the available "documentclass" types and their uses?

Some of the available classes of documents in LaTeX are well known and widely used, such as the article and beamer classes, while others are not so well known, such as the standalone class. I found ...
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My table doesn't fit; what are my options?

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What is the default margin and font title and text size of this LaTeX document?

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Change font size and font type

Surprisingly I can't find direct answer to that. Simply, I need global font Times New Roman (everything, sections, subsections, etc), and global size 12 pt. I have managed to found potential answer ...
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Scrbook: Using fallback calculation to setup font sizes

When using the class scrbook and customizing the font size prior the usage of \printbibliography I got these warning (and in big documents I got them several times): Class scrbook Warning: Using ...
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What is the second value in \fontsize for?

I know that it is possible to change the size of the font of the section titles in a document using \usepackage{sectsty} and the command \sectionfont; for example, to set the section titles' font to ...
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What font size modifiers are available in LaTeX?

What font size modifiers are available in LaTeX? eg: \footnotesize, \tiny, \big, \large, \huge It would be useful to have an exhaustive list.
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What is the defaults font in \documentclass{slides}?

Because beamer is more powerful, I am learning to use it to prepare my presentation. But, I prefer the default font style in \documentclass{slides}. So, I have two questions: What is the defaults ...