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How to draw an Icosahedron?

After going through the pgf manual and also searching the web for some solution or at least a hint on how it can be done (preferably using TikZ), so I came here with my question: How to draw an ...
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Making a 3D colored pyramid in tikz

I am trying to recreate the following image in tikz Sorry for not including a MWE, but I have problems getting started drawing this. I tried simply writing in the coordinates, but even that turned ...
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How to draw a cube with TikZ where all faces have a distinct color?

For each face, to show a distinct color I guess we have to use opacity, but at this point, this problem seemed out of my hand. Could anyone help me out? My attempt \documentclass{article} \...
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How to make a block transparent for a background image

I use the code \usebackgroundtemplate{ \centering \includegraphics[width=0.5\paperwidth,height=0.5\paperheight]{image.png} } to get a background image in a Beamer/Latex presentation. ...
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3d axis and polyhedron with line segment towards origin

I would like to make a 3d plot containing the 3d axis and a convex polyhedron or better a Dodecahedron on the positive side for which one of its boundary edge points on its top is annotated e.g. \...
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tikz-cd: Shade faces of commutative cube

I would like to "shade" the faces of a commutative cube drawn using tikz-cd. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usepackage{tikz-cd} \begin{document} \begin{tikzcd} & P \ar{dl}[swap, ...
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How to draw these polyhedrons?

I need help drawing these two shapes in LaTeX witk TikZ. I got the octahedron one down. Now, I need help on the bipyramid one. Thank you! (and when I copy and paste from LaTeX to here, how do I put ...
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Table, i.e. the piece of furniture on which one eats, in Tikz

How would you draw a table, i.e. the piece of furniture on which one eats, like the following in Tikz? As always, I am very grateful for your clever tikz constructions!
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Truncated Icosahedron in TikZ?

I would like to draw the Archimedean solid Truncated Icosahedron (soccer ball, Bucky ball), so one can use the resources on transparency, position and light source to manipulate the images. The image ...
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Truncated octahedron in TikZ

I'm having trouble drawing a truncated octahedron for a Brillouin zone in TikZ. My attempt so far is an adaptation of this answer which produces wonky square bits that are also too small (the sides of ...
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How can I draw development of a polyhedron?

I have some pictures How can I draw development of polyherons in Tex? Please help me.
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How to draw a pyramid with height and slant heigth with TikZ? [duplicate]

How to draw a pyramid with height(altitude) and slant heigth with TikZ. According to the figure
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Draw permutahedron of order 3 with tikz but without sagetex

How do I draw a Permutahedron of order 3 in tikz in 3 dimensions? I'd like to get a readable code which draws a planar projection of a 3D object rather than unreadable (hence unmaintainbale) ...
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