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bib entry for open source project [duplicate]

I tried to use any of the available bib entries for adding open-source projects to my CV, but none of them are of my liking. Is there a way to add this functionality to bibtex? I would be interested ...
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List of People analog to Bibliography

In my document I emphasize names that are mentioned and now I want to provide some additional information about them in an appendix. Currently I do something like: \documentclass{scrartcl} \...
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Add new field to biblatex entries

Many of the books I use are parts of series. biblatex gives you more fields to add bibliographic information to than BibTeX does, but it has no fields appropriate for the editor of a series. If I use ...
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Using BibLaTeX for D&D

I'm going to start writing my D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) campaigns in latex because I'm more comfortable with it than Microsoft Word. I also want to use biblatex to make references for monsters ...
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Biblatex and custom bibtex entries - is it possible?

Is it possible to have entries in a bib file with custom @entry types? For example, below I have entries I've created for a legal encyclopaedia and a United Nations document. @undocument{modeleclaw, ...
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What is best practice re. handling legal sources with Biblatex/Biber for disciplines other than law?

This is partly a 'before I reinvent the wheel' question and partly a question about best practice. Do any existing solutions handle legal sources appropriately in documents using Biblatex/Biber which ...
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biblatex/biber patent citation support (based on zotero+bbl output)

I have a few questions on biblatex regarding patent citations which I think has very poor support only; my workflow is as follows: search Google patents use zotero connector and import patent to ...
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Biblatex and Pubmed/Pubmed Central IDs

As a biomedical scientist learning more and more about latex I was pleased to read of support for the typesetting of Pubmed IDs (PMID) by biblatex as outlined on page 141 of the biblatex manual. ...
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Creating Entry in Bibtex for Executive Orders

Anybody have any idea on how to create the proper APA entry for an Executive Order in my .bib? I can't seem to find any guidance on what fields to use to make it work. The reference should appear ...
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Biblatex: Declare new driver with new fields

For several reasons I need to declare within a LaTeX-document by help of biblatex a new driver with new fields. E.g. the following BibTeX-entry may be given: \begin{filecontents}{\jobname.bib} @...
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Book reviews entry in biblatex-chicago

I am using the review entry type in biblatex-chicago, and neither the biblatex-chicago nor the biblatex documentation have been helpful. The result I'd like to obtain is something at least close to ...
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Is there a field for 'last modified' in Biblatex?

I am writing a report in which I cite several webpages. I would like to supply the dates on which these websites were last revised. Is there a field called last modified (or something similar) for the ...
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How to verify if entry `country = {}` is empty in a custom BibLaTeX library?

I have created a BibLaTeX library, which I use to organize all my oral and poster presentations. It is in fact a customized library with new data types and cite commands. I got all ideas from here and ...
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Biblatex: Custom date fields

I've written my own entry types & bibliography driver as per my previous question. I'd like entries to have two sets of dates (a seriesdate and a "normal" date), and have them both formatted ...
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How do I modify @misc entry to allow for no year-field?

I want to cite various legal documents. It is fine to put all info in the title field. The document tend to have their date and year in the title so if I put something year field the date will be ...
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