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Multiline comment [duplicate]

In tex there is a way to do a comment multiline like in C, C++ /* comment */ or in HTML <!-- comment -->? I'm currently using \ifx \ifx true false My multiline comment that will not be in the ...
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Skip compilation of parts of a document [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Commenting out large sections I have a long document where sometimes I need to omit some parts for the compilation, and sometimes other parts. I do it by just commenting with %...
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Hide a paragraph [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Commenting out large sections I have in my document a paragraph that I want to keep in my tex source. But when generating the PDF, I don't want it to appear. How can I hide a ...
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Is it possible to hide a section or comment out a whole section? [duplicate]

I want to comment out a whole section in order to save the text but not render it in the PDF. Is this possible?
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How to comment out a block of text (or just a part of the line)? [duplicate]

So % is used to start an end of line comment, that's clear. But is there a way to comment a part of code at once like in many other programming languages? Examples: HTML: <!-- comment --> C++ :...
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How to disable multiple lines with a single command? [duplicate]

I want to disable all the following lines: \begin{flushright} flush right\\ text \end{flushright} \begin{flushleft} flush left\\ text \end{flushleft} I know that % at the beginning of a line will ...
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How to make group comment in LaTex [duplicate]

There are lots of ways to make comment in LaTex such as single percentage sign, \begin{comment} and so on, but as I know none of them use for creating comment for separating lines of a doc. It's good ...
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How to turn on and off some parts of a TeX file? [duplicate]

I would simply like to have the possibility to turn on and off some parts of a TeX file. For example, when writing a course assignment, it should be possible to hide the solutions to my students, but ...
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Alternative to the % symbol for commenting code? [duplicate]

I know that % can be used to make LaTeX ignore an entire line. However, suppose that I want LaTeX to skip 50 consecutive lines of code, is there a better way to do this than inserting % 50 times in ...
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Hiding and revealing interlaced paragraphs [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Commenting out large sections I am writing a document and I want to prepare two versions. Version 1 will contain the 'text'. Version 2 will contain the 'text' as well ...
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Short way of using comment character `%` in multilines [duplicate]

I have a long calculation in my document that starts and ends with several \align environments. But now, I want to make all these lines to appear as a comment since there is a possibility for them to ...
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How do I comment big part of a code that i do not want to compile. [duplicate]

I m tired to comment line by line the things I desired to comment, is there a a way of selecting part of the code, and get it inmediatly in comment?
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Commenting out large blocks in the preamble when in draft mode [duplicate]

I would like something to enable me to comment out large blocks of my preamble when I've specified that my document is a draft. The comment environment provided by the verbatim package works well for ...
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Easily optionally render sections [duplicate]

My resume is written in LaTeX, and as new things come up, naturally old accomplishments and details become omitted. However, I would still like to keep them in the tex file, as of now they are ...
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Contest: Show Off Your Skillz in TeX & Friends [ birthday]

Submission Deadline and Voting are over, thank you for participating! Results Academic Gonzalo Medina – 31 Andy – 19 cmhughes – 11 mbork – 6 Other Yiannis Lazarides – 38 szantaii – 20 Ant – 15 ...

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