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LyX: How to combine two math symbols? [duplicate]

I'm a new user of LyX. I'm using it to write math lectures. How can I make a new symbol from two existing ones? To be more precise, how can I create this: It's a subset with a circle in it (\subset, ...
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superimosing {\circ} on {\sum} in {math-mode} [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: \subseteq + \circ as a single symbol (“open subset”) Is it possible to superimpose a variable size \circ on \sum to compose a symbol just like \oint?
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\Rightarrow vs. \implies, and "does not imply" symbol

Is it better to use \Rightarrow or \implies to symbolize logical implications? Why? Also, if I write \not \Rightarrow, I get a symbol that means "does not imply." But if I type \not \implies, it ...
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How do you make your own symbol when Detexify fails?

My first visit to TeX.SX came when I was looking for a symbol for a twisted product: I knew about Detexify and the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List, but I could not find the symbol there. I tried the ...
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What's the most elegant way to obtain Dirac operators? (slash notation)

What's the best way to achieve the Dirac slash notation for Dirac operators (contraction with Gamma matrices)? I would have thought the AMSmath packages would have this built in somewhere. (The ...
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Not equal sign (≠) with a vertical bar

Is it possible to get a \neq but with a vertical bar instead of a slanted one? There are inequality operators like AMS's \gvertneqq that feature this kind of "not equal" but not without mixing it with ...
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Overlay symbol with another

Is it possible to overlay a symbol with another? I want to write an equal sign with a question mark overlayed (or the other way around). Note I don't want \stackrel{?}{=} I want the question mark ...
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LaTeX command for symbol needed. looks like crossed equal

I can’t find the LaTeX command for the symbol below. Can anyone help me out to find this symbol? I wasn't able to find it with Detexify.
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A better \pm symbol

I am looking for an alternate to the \pm symbol, and wondering if I am the only one bothered by it as I see that this has not been asked yet. I have attempted to define one using my standard overkill ...
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How to make a plus sign with arrowheads on each of the four endpoints?

There is a common operation in the sparse-direct literature (see pg. 7) called an "extend-add", and it is usually denoted with a particular symbol that looks like a large plus sign with arrowheads on ...
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What is the LaTeX symbol for "forking independent" (model theory)?

I am looking for a way to set the symbol for "forking independent" (for example, see "Essential Stability Theory", Steven Buechler, p.217). It looks a bit like an anchor or an upside-down 'T' with a ...
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Highlight a table row with a rectangular overlay

I am trying to highlight the row of a table by drawing a rectangle over that row. A wrinkle is that the code for the table is pre-written from external statistical software and then included in the ...
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What is the command for a sum symbol superimposed on an integral sign?

I want to express a sum over all discrete states and an integral over all continuum states. Usually, the sign for this is a $\sum$ superimposed on an $\int$. Is there a command to make this symbol? If ...
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How can I create a rectangle symbol?

I need to represent symmetries of a a rectangle as a set, and in my text book they do so by using the following notation S(SYMBOL-THAT-LOOKS-LIKE-A-RECTANGLE) I searched everywhere, tried http://...
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divides, not divides and cardinalities

In group theory it happens very often that you want to say: "The order of $H$ divides / does not divide the order of $G$." But the length of | is then always the same: $ |H| | |G| $ produces |H|||G| ...
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