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Include image inside text [duplicate]

I'm trying to include an image inside a text but it does not work ... Here is an example of what I would get in latex ... Somebody can help me plz? Thx :)
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Scaling figures to line height [duplicate]

I am writing a document which describes the user interface of a software application. I want to use the actual icons as part of the description text (as in "Press XXX", where XXX is replaced by an ...
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Is there a LaTeX implementation of Bazin's punctuation marks?

In 1966 Bazin proposed 6 novel punctuation marks for acclamation, authority, certainty, doubt, irony, and love: Is there a LaTeX package that provides macros of Bazin's punctuation marks? There are ...
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Writing Google logo in LaTeX

This is very hard to google itself. I have been told it is possible to use the Google logo in regular text in LaTeX, but I'm struggling to find out how. For example: Some words, then {Google Logo ...
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Emoji Characters

I'm trying to display Emoji Characters inside my XeLaTeX Document. It seems to work for some glyphs like the numbers and pound sign but not for all. Here is a MWE: \documentclass{scrartcl} \...
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How to make this curly 'R' (ℛ)?

Which package has a similar looking fancy R or does anyone know how to make one? (Note: the line underneath the R is just the notebook paper... this is from a scanned set of notes).
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Is there a CD icon/symbol for latex?

Is there a CD icon / symbol for LaTeX? I was looking through the whole The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List but haven't found any. I'm after something like this: 💿 or this.
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Recognize this letter

Does anybody know how to make the following symbol in LaTeX? I think it is some calligraphic \mathcal{E}. It is not anywhere in this table and online font recognizers do not recognize it. The ...
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How can I write this symbol resembling a little flame in latex?

I have encountered this symbol resembling a little flame (inside the norm inside the expectation) in a paper, does anyone know how to write it in latex? Here is the link to the paper: https://...
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Looking for symbol: Fire

I am looking for a "Fire" symbol: Like this, or more minimalistic: I found this code for a Shield, and thought that maybe you could make a Fire symbol that way? \documentclass{article} \...
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Which format would yield a better quality picture in the LaTex output?

I have some plots originally in the JPEG as well as in BMP format and I want to have the best possible output after compilation by Tex software. I have used the pdf format after having it converted ...
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Writing in தமிழ் (Tamil)

I see from this answer in tex.stackexchange that to write in Tamil I need to use XeLaTeX to compile the document. But my case is a bit different. I am writing my thesis and my references come from ...
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Pencil symbol with xelatex (and unicode-math)

I don't know how to produce a command wich gives me a pencil symbol with xelatex (and unicode-math). I would like a pencil such as the U+270E unicode caracter or a similar symbol. http://www....
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Particular type of hook arrow

Would anyone know a particular arrow in TeX that match this one, that denotes an automorphism of K? The symbol was widely used by mathematicians in the beginning of the 20th century and is still used ...
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How to make these symbols typable in latex

There is a constructed language called "toki pona" and it has exactly 120 words. One of the scripts it has called "sitelen pona". And I need to use it for documents. Here is the ...
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