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Catalogue of example images [duplicate]

I use Ubuntu and TeXLive. When asking a question one is requested to provide an MWE. Sometimes an MWE needs to include an image, which should then be available to anyone who wants to process the MWE. ...
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Placeholder for figure/includegraphics

Is there a command that I can use as a placeholder for \includegraphics? I want to use such a placeholder to add the original graphics later.
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Packages: graphics vs graphicx

Different websites suggest using one of those two packages. \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{graphics} What are differences between them? Which is better?
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Positioning image in first column of two column document

I'm trying to force an image to appear on the right column of a two-column document. I have already written 5 pages. The 5th page ends with an image: \begin{figure}[!h!tpb] \centering \begin{minipage}...
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How to preserve a space for a figure to be added later?

I want to add an empty figure in a document with added captions .. etc, so that I can add the figures later. Is there a direct way to do this? For example insert a white box with a big X across it or ...
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How to insert a main caption beside subfigures?

I have 3 subfigures that I insert at width=0.5\textwidth, which leaves some empty space. I would like to insert the main caption in this space. How can I do this? I am using subcaption package for ...
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Projected square magnified image using tikz

Is there a way to achieve magnification like the one shown below using Spy library in TikZ? If so, how to achieve it? If not so, what better alternatives are there? The thick yellow outlines below are ...
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Force figure placement

I found this thread: Force figure placement in text where it tells me that I have to use \usepackage{float} and then using \begin{figure}[H] instead. However I have the problem that in this example \...
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Set `\fboxsep` only for `\fbox` but not `\boxed`

I’m using both \fbox and \boxed but for different uses. When I use \fbox, I need it to have \fboxsep set to -0.5pt, but when I used \boxed I want a \fboxsep of 2pt. Is there a way to do that? EDIT: As ...
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(not only) beamer: Automatically Attach Graphic Files (to the PDF Output) that are Used in \includegraphics Command

I like to attach the graphic files that I use in a beamer presentation to the generated pdf file. The background is, that I want to enable my colleagues at work to be able to use the graphic files e. ...
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Sideways picture shown on wrong page

My picture and my section won't be on the same page. I have tried the float package with [H] and [!] and so on but it won't work \documentclass[a4paper]{report} \usepackage{float} \usepackage{...
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Formatting Multi-Page Table of Contents with Background Images

I've been writing a user manual for the past couple days and have come up against a bit of a wall. The table of contents for my manual is going to end up longer than a page and I want it to look a ...
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How to include image, \caption and center the content of a table

I'm doing a table with images, and I would like to include the caption for each image and also I would like to align the rows. \begin{table} [ht] \centering \begin{tabular}{||c c c c ||} \...
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How to crop background from eps plot automatically?

For images I found the solution provided in this Q&A (How to crop background from image automatically?) very helpful and easy to use. Now I also want to use this for my from Matlab exported plots ...
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different page geometry for image

I am writting in latex I have very thin page style (I want to keep it that way) but I have very wide image How do I change geometry for image only not text \documentclass[11pt, a4paper]{article} \...
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