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Vertical space after table on top of a page with text continuing from last page [duplicate]

How can I remove the spacing after a table that appears on top of page 2, when I have a paragraph that starts from page 1 and continues on to page 2? I can't use \vspace since that just moves the ...
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Space after images or title [duplicate]

I am a LaTeX beginner. I am writing my thesis and used a template from my university. My problem is the space between figures and the text that follows. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes too large. This ...
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Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned

Is there any package or a method to force LaTeX to keep floating environments like table and figure closer to where they are declared?
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Remove space after figure and before text

I have a figure in my paper (I am using IEEEtran package). After this figure there exists a space between the figure and the text. How can I reduce the size of this white space. To be specific the ...
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`h' float specifier changed to `ht' warning when not attempting to specify a float

I'm new to LaTeX and trying to understand the reason why I'm getting the warning: `h' float specifier changed to `ht' I'm not attempting to change the float property of anything - the warning is ...
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wrapfigure at the bottom - no white space below wrapfigure

I want to place some figures at the left or right side of my book resulting into a reduced column width for the text. So I am using wrapfigure environment with number of narrow lines of 40. By this ...
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How to remove extra space at the bottom of tables and figures?

As shown below, tables and figures seem to add extra space at the bottom: In the example below the problem persist also using float (\intextsep was multiplied by 1.5 \baselineskip for better ...
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A question about latex formatting

I am authoring a report that runs into hundreds of pages. In one particular chapter, I have a large number of tables and figures. I use the setting [htb] for both the tables and the figures, so that ...
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Removing new line after figure [duplicate]

We've been given a template to work with. I am adding figures with the following code: \begin{figure}[H] \begin{center} \includegraphics[scale=0.7]{Figures/System/reinf-learning.jpg} \...
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How to keep my default floating environment spacing before them, while reducing my figures spacing after they?

I am using \setlength{\belowcaptionskip}{-10pt} from How can I reduce padding after figure? to reduce the spacing after my figures. And it is working fine. But it is also affecting my new floats ...
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Problems faced with spacing

I am having diffuculties in adjusting the spaces in different part of my thesis. I have 3 issues to solve which I try to show in a single image below: In the first problem, I need to put 18pt space ...
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How do I reduce the space between the caption of the image and normal text? [closed]

I am using the osameet3 package and am working with multicol. The image will only import if i use \begin{figure}[H], however this is causing strange extra space between the caption and the rest of my ...
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