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Why \mathbb{1} looking weird? [duplicate]

I am writing a paper on overleaf where I use the prime indicator function, which is 0 when its input is not a prime and 1 otherwise. I have seen it been written as a 1 with the same font as sets like ...
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How can we write this big one in latex? [duplicate]

I want to write this 1 in latex, could anyone help me, please?
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Indicator function sign [duplicate]

Whenever I need the indicator function I use (for example) the following syntax \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{amssymb} \begin{document} \Huge The indicator function : $$ \...
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Blackboard bold like symbols for the number "one" 1 and its mirror shape [duplicate]

I am looking for latex codes for the following characters: My attempt to use detexify to find the symbols were unsuccessful. \mathbb{1} does not produce the right symbol.
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How to get mathbb{1} to work in beamer? (or similar alternative) [duplicate]

Idk why beamer thinks changing \mathbb{1} to what it does is a good idea, but how do I get it back?
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How to draw a hollow 1? (Unit step, Indicator fcn, etc..) [duplicate]

I am trying to write a hollow number 1 for my unit step function. Intuitively, since \mathbb{R} provides the nice symbol for real numbers, I would imagine \mathbb{1} do the same. However: Since the ...
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showing identity element in a vector space [duplicate]

I want to show identity element of a normed vector space with 1 that have extra line .How can I do it?
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Importing a Single Symbol From a Different Font

Is there a general way to change the font of a particular symbol without switching packages? For example, suppose I'm using Computer Modern for my entire document, but I want the "subset" operator to ...
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Which OpenType Math fonts are available?

What OpenType math fonts are there available for usage in TeX/LaTeX, e.g. with the unicode-math package? Here is a MWE which you can use to show off the font. \documentclass{article} \pagestyle{...
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How to include LaTeX package in R Markdown?

I am writing a report with Rmd in RStudio via knitr package. I want to write a indicator variable symbol in the report, like How do you get \mathbb{1} to work (characteristic function of a set)?. ...
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How do I make a blackboard 1? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Blackboard bold characters I want to make a blackboard "1" character to show an indicator variable, but $\mathbb{1}$ doesn't work. How do I do it?
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Best way to typeset the identity operator, or unit? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Blackboard bold characters I have seen the unit (or identity operator) typeset via \newcommand{\unit}{1\!\!1} Is this really the best way to get a double-stroke 1? The ...
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How can I successfully compile $\mathbb{5}$?

I am a regular Overleaf user. I wanted to compile $\mathbb{5}$. I can do it for $\mathbb{1}$(Or like $\mathbb{1}$). I have read this. I have used this set of packages alongside the other necessary ...
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How to get \mathbbm{1} to work? [closed]

I am somewhat a new user to the TeX world. So, hopefully my question is not out of scope. I saw it here how to create an indicator function with mathbbm package. So, I ran this code: \documentclass{...
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Import \mathbb{1} character from the unicode-math package

I'd like to import only the \mathbb{1} character from the unicode-math package into a document using the standard Computer Modern font along with the amsmath and amssymb packages, but I have no idea ...
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