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What is this symbol, and how to reproduce it? (vertical bar with small footer) [duplicate]

How to reproduce this symbol, using Latex, that consists of a long vertical bar, on the right hand side of an expression, and some small text at the bottom, that defines some condition? How to ...
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What command gives me the highlighted operator? [duplicate]

I need to write this equation in latex, but I don't know how to get the vertical line and the B subscript below it. If anyone knows the operator or command, it'd be very helpful.
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Evaluation of Differentiation and Integration

I was having some thought about what would be the syntax to make the end point evaluation of derivatives or integrals. Such as making the | with the two end points of evaluation on the top an bottom ...
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Derivatives: enter "evaluated at" vertical bar with multiple values as subscripts

Sorry for the long title, but how do I enter evaluated at (for a derivative), with multiple valuation criteria at the bottom of the the big | line? Thanks!
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Using \big| and \right| versus \bigr\rvert and \right\rvert

Based on the answers to this question (about \bigl, \bigr, \big, etc.) and this question (about \lvert, \rvert, |, etc.), I would think that anytime one used a vert bar to delimit on the right they ...
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How to put a vertical line with derivative [duplicate]

Dear All in attached image how I can put a vertical line with derivative .Any command for this please?
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Vertical bar for "evaluated at"

I would like to create a vertical "evaluation" bar similar to the one in this formula: This was produced by the code: df\,_{\big\rvert x} \colon T_x M \to T_y N It comes close to what I want, but I ...
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Vertical line, subscript x=a

How do I write this formula in latex? I tried this: \big(f(x,b)\big)'_x|_{x=a} but the result is different from what I want (the line is shorter). I understand that this is probably a simple ...
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Align subfigures with axes labels from tikzpicture

i am trying to have two subfigures align, i.e. the bottom of the images be level, in addition to the subcaptions being level. Using normal subfigures, i know i can use [t]. The fact that i am putting ...
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`evaluate at` delimiters

I am using the \DeclarePairedDelimiterXPP command from the mathtools package to declare some new delimiters, for which scaling can be turned on and off easily. Specifically, I want to declare the ...
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Can you help how to write this? [closed]

Please can you help me with this ,how can i write this one?
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What is the "pipe" for boundaries in integration and how can I represent it in LaTeX?

When doing integration, I was taught to add a bar next to an antiderivative to show the bounds if it was a definite integral: 3x|^3_0 is a nice approximation but this doesn't work for larger ...
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