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Bug with sidenotes overflow and don't continue to the next page

When using the sidenotes package the sidenote overflow (a pun intended). The sidenotes don't continue to the next page but disappears outside the page. Here is a minimal working example: \...
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Margin notes with the same behaviour as footnote?

Heyall, I've got a question about margin notes. I tend to put a lot of footnotes in my documents, and because of the large margin I thought I might as well put them to use by putting the footnotes ...
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Scholia with latex

Is there any package to automatically typeset scholia with latex? The result I have in mind should be something akin to what can be seen here: the main text limited to a rectangular portion of the ...
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Automatic vertical skip in margin notes in Optex

The image below shows the result for the second page of the following code: \fontfam[Myriad] \margins/2 a4 (2,6,2,2)cm \mnotesize=4.5cm \newcount\notenum %\fixmnotes\right \def\note#1{\global\...
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Option "hang" for sidenotes

First of all, I am sorry because I cannot describe the expected behavior well with words, but I hope the image explains it better. How can I make the text in the \sidenote command from the sidenotes ...
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multi column managed layout

there is awesome multicol package. Question is - how to properly do \columnbreak to get elements aligned? In other words: any element type - paragraph, image, table after \columnbreak command new ...
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Marginfigures, environments and scrlayer-notecolumn

I am writing an article in Sweave (knitr), which is a translator from the statistical language R to TeX. Whenever I produce a figure in Sweave it returns something like the following code for a ...
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Is there a new package to make Tufte style books?

I really like the look of tufte books. But it seems like the tufte-latex package is largely unmaintained, (Repo not touched in >1 year, long open PRs and issues) and not supporting things like LuaTeX. ...
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How to provide space for many or long sidenotes in tufte-book?

I use tufte-book and have too many sidenotes to fit on a page. In these cases, the sidenotes run longer than the bottom margins and are lost for the reader. How can the sidenote text, which does not ...
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Is it possible to get this uneven two column document format?

I'm trying to figure out whether its possible to get a document to have something along the lines of this: where there's like a smaller left (or right) column for notes, whose position can be ...
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