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Vertical Alignment in multirow using cells with >1 lines

I want to vertically align (best would be to center) the text ("TEST") in the left (yellow) column of the following table. It works fine with multirow when every row has exactly the hight of one line: ...
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Vertically aligned table in plainTeX / LaTeX / Context etc

My last answer about vertically aligned table inspired me to write my first question at this site. How to create the following table in various TeX approaches: plainTeX, LaTeX, Context, eplain, OPmac ...
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How do I make a specific table in LaTeX?

How do I make a table using \begin{table*} in LaTeX? The table I am trying to create is slightly complicated, and it should look like this: Sorry for the crooked lines of the image. So far, I have ...
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how to put words in several lines in one cell?

The table is too wide, and I want to make it narrower by wrapping the Second under the First, how should I achieve this? The latex code looks like this currently: \begin{table*}[htbp] \centering ...
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Multirow and rotated column headers

I want to typeset a table with rotatetd column headers (so far it works) stretching over multiple rows. The problem seems to be that multirow does not adjust the tables row heights, thus I have to do ...
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multirow left align and centering

I am using multirows and my code is as follows: \begin{table}[H] \footnotesize \setlength\tabcolsep{2pt} \begin{center} \caption{\\ \fontsize{10pt}{12pt}\selectfont \normalfont insert title } \...
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Vertical alignment text first column with merged cells and last column

I'm relatively new to Latex and I really appreciate this community, it has already helped me a lot. However, I've been unable to find the answer for the following problem: I want to create a 3 ...
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Centering mutirow text in a table (tabular)

This is exactly the same question. However, the answer does not include centering in case of even number of rows. Here is the same example. How can I place word Spring in the center between Model 2 ...
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Multiple figures layout

I have 5 figures: A, b, c, d, e. I have a question in laying out multi-figures like below: --------- A | b c A | d e { A } is a single long figure using multirow --------- ...
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Vertical alignment of figure in multirow-cell inside tabu table

We have a tabu table with figures and \multirow cell which contails a long figure (XeLaTeX is used). Minimal working example is in the end. The Figure (arrow) is attached after the actual result. ...
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Vertical centering of the text in table heading

I would like to center the content of table-cells in heading. In guidelines for Polish text documents content of table heading must be centered both horizontally and vertically. I have found such an ...
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