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Example of LaTeX code that does not compile [duplicate]

In the excellent answer by egreg to the question How Does Latex Know the Page Number of a Reference he said that [t]his is not completely foolproof and there are examples around of cleverly written ...
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Challenge: Shortest Infinitesimally Unlikely Document: "ordinary" document forever requesting: "rerun to get cross-references right". t" [duplicate]

Stop reading here if you do not like stupid yet amusing challenges. Challenge: produces the shortest document yielding LaTeX Warning: Label(s) may have changed. Rerun to get cross-references right....
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How to prolong compilation time while engaging in leisure activities?

I thought of that old joke today, where a programmer can make an undeniable excuse for his leisure activities while in work on the basis that he is just waiting for his code to compile. Although I am ...
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Need *.aux file in separate folder

When compiling with pdflatex we need the *.aux files in a separate folder.
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Understanding how references and labels work

I'm trying to understand why I cannot effectively reference figures or equations that I have defined with labels. For example: \begin{figure} \label{fig:area_Treasuries} \caption{Treasuries as a ...
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Why doesn't LaTeX implement single pass references?

Example: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \section{Power series}\label{ps} \begin{equation} \label{eq} \sum_{i=0}^\infty a_i x^i. \end{equation} The equation \ref{eq} is a typical power ...
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How does the LaTeX compile chain work exactly?

This might be a simple or out of place question, but I have run into so many subtleties of document compilation, that I really just need to understand this from the ground up. Could someone please ...
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What is a function f(n) returning LaTeX code requiring exactly n compilations to yield stable output?

Is there a (simple) recipe for producing LaTeX code requiring exactly n compilations? (That is, I'm looking for an algorithm/function f(n) with domain {1, 2, 3, ...} and LaTeX code as its range.) If ...
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LaTeX Warning: Label(s) may have changed. Rerun to get cross-references right

Why I am getting undefined references? The class abntex2 based on memoir and it is available on and CTAN. [Compiling D:\test2.tex] Basic Builder: running pdflatex......
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The LaTeX runs (with varioref) never settle down to a stable final state

This is something which has happened for real in a document where I am using varioref. The LaTeX runs never end, a text chunk keeps on being moved back and forth accross a page break (naturally with ...
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Avoid infinite compiler passes with biblatex ibid citation styles?

I've run into a problem when using both gb4e and the authoryear-icomp style of biblatex. [I mistakenly thought gb4e had something to do with this, so this question was originally named Avoid clash of ...
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Limit pdflatex execution time

Is there any way to limit pdflatex execution time ? It would be nice if the value could be added to the texmf file.
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Number of Compilations

I know when I have a .bib file I need to do the following compilation order: Latex compiler biber Latex compiler Latex copmiler But what about when I'm not using a .bib file? How many times do I ...
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Determine required number of pdflatex runs to generate complete document [closed]

Background Looking to generate a PDF using latexmk. The LaTeX document, which is automatically generated from a web-based application, will include many large images, Tikz graphics, table of contents,...
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Avoiding widows while keeping text height even across two-page spread

In The Elements of Typographical Style, the author notes (§2.4.8) that widows—single lines occurring at the top of a page—should be avoided. Yet the text height of two facing pages should be the same, ...
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