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Showcase of beautiful typography done in TeX & friends

If you were asked to show examples of beautifully typeset documents in TeX & friends, what would you suggest? Preferably documents available online (I'm aware I could go to a bookstore and find ...
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Nice scientific pictures show off

Task Show off your best scientific illustration ! The main purpose of this question is to share beautiful scientific pictures, preferably with an educational aspect. Content Your post must ...
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Commenting out large sections

To "comment out" a line, I need to insert a % at the beginning of the line (so that the line will not be compiled). Is there a way to comment out a large section without having to manually ...
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What's the quickest way to write "2nd" "3rd" etc in LaTeX?

If I want to use abbreviations for second, third and so on in my LaTeX documents, I am currently doing this: 2$^{nd}$ which seems unsatisfactory. Is there a macro I'm missing? I'm sure I could define ...
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Multi-line (block) comments in LaTeX

In LaTeX, % can be used for single-line comments. For multi-line comments, the following command is available in the verbatim package. \begin{comment} Commented code \end{comment} But is there a ...
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Cunning (La)TeX tricks

Writing (La)TeX code sometimes requires a degree of guile. Here (in no particular order) are two of my favourite examples. Macros ending with spaces Pete asked how to see the implementation of \...
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What is the easiest way to draw a 3D cube with TikZ?

I'm trying to find the easiest way to draw a 3D cube (it's for my UML diagram) with TikZ. Could you please give an example? Like this:
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How to add some visual style and pizzazz to course notes?

LaTeX is wonderful for writing mathematical papers, but while the output is perfectly typeset it is not visually very exciting. And although it may just be "familiarity breeds contempt", I am ...
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How to keep a constant baselineskip when using minipages (or \parboxes)?

When a minipage is used to box a text paragraph, the first line of the minipaged text and the last line of the previous text paragraph are closer than two consecutive lines in a standard text ...
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What is missing in LaTeX?

I have been reading this article and started to think about the position of LaTeX amongst the current competitors. Currently, I am using it (or XeTeX) even for ‘casual writing’ and sometimes I spend ...
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Can one (more or less) automatically suppress ligatures for certain words?

This question led to a new package: selnolig One of the major attractions -- for me at least -- of typesetting my papers in (La)TeX is its automated and fully transparent use of typographic ...
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Different proofs in amsmath with different QED symbol?

I'm trying to expand the amsmath package to get two different proof environments: \begin{proof} ... \end{proof} and \begin{proof*} ... \end{proof*} so proof* should act exactly like proof except of ...
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Porting the luatex/ConTeXt module "translate" to lualatex

In this question, which I posted a few weeks ago to TeX Stack Exchange, I asked how one should go about disabling specific ligatures (such as ff, fi, fl, and ffl) automatically for a list of pre-...
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Block comments with *% and %*

I know the package comment which allows to use : \begin{comment} Lines to comment \end{comment} This is not very friendly to use. I would like to have the following possibility: *% Lines to comment ...
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LaTeX template for book reading?

Is there any LaTeX template such that in each section I can write down my reading notes ......?
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Best way to part answers from solutions?

Now, if anyone could change the title into something better that would be great =) I am writing a rather long document, which contains plenty of integrals. I have a big list of integrals sorted in a ...
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Adding a list of bios to the book class

I am busy with a document where I need to add an Appendix with a list of names and short biographies (about a paragraph each). I would be happier if I can do that as I describe the person in the ...
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Do I need LaTeX?

I read that LaTeX is all about "typesetting". What does that mean? What is typesetting? I read some FAQs, they showed the code, not the output. Following are my needs and I am not sure whether ...
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Document Layout Styles

I am inviting partial solutions for defining styles for document layouts. The solutions should be capable of defining the font size, leading (interline distance), and type for the running text as well ...
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Split a scanned photo across multiple pages (with a predifined splitting point)

I am a relative (La)TeX newbie! I want to split an A4 scanned image across two pages! Is there a package to achieve this or is it possible to do this manually so that to be able to define the exact ...
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How to create attendance sheets?

Is there a package for creating sheets you fill out by handwriting? Like for example attendance sheets, a list of key borrowers, a sign-off sheet for dangerous stuff etc. Basically some sort of ...
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What is a good strategy to internationalize a document class?

I am busy with a new document class and I have been trying my hand in internationalizing some of the contents. I have tried using translator from Beamer. Is this a good strategy? Can the code shown ...
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How can I divide a figure in multiple pages?

I have a figure that is really high, it would fit well in 3 pages, but currently I have it stretched in one. It's only one PDF (converted from a PNG image) and I cannot find out how to divide it in ...
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Working with clist indices in LaTeX3

Friends, I'm trying to port an old code of mine to a LaTeX3 implementation. Thanks to egreg, Joseph and David, I made a good progress! But then, I got stuck. From the link above, I'm porting my ...
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Trying to draw a coloured 3x3x3 cube using tikzpicture

I am trying to draw Rubik's cube in LateX, and I have used the code below. It all seems to work except for the front face, which for some reason isn't right. Does anyone know a solution for this ...
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Any advanced example of layout designing with ConTeXt?

I'm looking for an advanced example of layout designing with ConTeXt? I've checked reference manual and few another docs from contextgarden, but they show only simple, elementary things. I'm ...
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Customizing Gonzalo Medina's Award Winning Entry

I am trying to do few modifications to Gonzalo Medina(GM)'s award winning contest entry. I want to change the fonts GM used in the header box. I achieved partial success by changing following lines ...
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using **xyz** instead of \foo{xyz}

How can I use **xyz** or another similar one instead of \foo{xyz} or \foo*{xyz}? note: question is updated to reflect my concern, question is general and is not depended on a special package. You ...
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Redefining an environment and summary box using grid and gridleno

This question is inspired by Gonzalo's great answer here concerning his creation of gridleno.sty to enhance the functionality of grid.sty. Ultimately I have two seemingly simple questions (please ...
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Enable rectangle to have a 3-D vision [duplicate]

How to draw a rectangle with 3-D vision, or 3-D rectangle. I also need to fill it with text.
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Hook for outer par mode

Is it possible to execute macros after the correct mode is 'reached?' \documentclass{article} \usepackage{etoolbox} \usepackage{marginfix} \newcommand{\mymarginpar}[1]{\AfterEndEnvironment{figure}{\...
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