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Blackboard handwritten presentation slides [duplicate]

I found there is a similar question here. Forgive me since I don't quite like the answer given there—the font, the format, etc. What I want is something like the one given here. I think it's of the ...
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How to plot a donut whose Fig is attached herewith [duplicate]

How to plot a donut whose Fig is attached herewith The donut looks very nice. I want to plot it. The parametric equation of the torus is $$x = (R + a cos(p)) cos(t);$$ $$y = (R + a cos(p)) sin(t);$$ $...
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Is there any way to get real-time compilation for LaTeX?

I would really love to have a software or tool which provided real time compilation of my LaTeX document (to be able to see the final pdf or dvi document as I type the latex code), especially for when ...
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How to draw a coffee cup

Topologists need to explain that coffee cups are homeomorphic to donuts. There are nice ways to draw donuts. So far, my best attempt is \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{...
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Axis with trigonometric labels in PGFPlots

How do I make the axis labels use multiples of \pi in PGFPlots?
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How to plot a lattice of points on the surface of a torus?

I am doing a report on the Ising model, without going into the complex details of the model, in its two-dimensional form it involves a lattice of points. Which, when periodic boundary conditions are ...
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A good METAPOST alternative for plotting 3d surfaces

I find METAPOST to be a wonderful software to create 2d charts and figures. Can you name me a few good alternatives to METAPOST for drawing 3d surfaces? The crucial feature I'm looking for is the ...
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Drawing 3d diagrams

I would like to use a few simple 3d diagrams in my LaTeX document. They primarily consist of polyline segments in 3d, along with an occasional simple surface (e.g. paraboloid). There are two questions:...
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The height function on a Torus

See the torus as a surface of revolution around the x (or y) axis. Define the height function on it. How to shade only a part of the torus based on the height function? There are illustrations of ...
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How to create horn torus in latex?

This is a horn torus. How can I use latex to generate it ?
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Drawing the contour of a 3d torus

I would like to draw a torus, like the one on the question How to draw a torus, with a 3d package. I would like to avoid drawing the torus in 2d with inkscape (or directly with tikz) because I will ...
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Rotation transformation of a parametrized plot

I'm working on this plot with pgfplots: The image is from our sister-site Mathematica.SE and there's also a nice explanation how to do it with Mathematica. I follow these steps: Parametrize the 2d ...
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How to draw interlocking tori with Tikz?

I need to draw a couple of interlocking tori, as in the picture, using Tikz. I've been looking at some examples online and all I find is instructions to do it with Gnuplot, nothing about Tikz. If ...
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PSTricks: What are the Learning Tutorials/Guides available for new users with hierarchical steps?

I am looking for materials for PSTricks learning in similar vein to Materials for learning TikZ I am always interested to learn PSTricks through our famous Just for fun PSTricks User animated ...
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Shading a torus in TikZ

I would like to be able to shade a torus in TikZ to make it look like a surface in 3D, similarly to how the sphere in this code is shaded to give it a 3D feel but the opacity is such that it does not ...
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