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Importing a symbol from MS symbol [duplicate]

I wish to add a symbol from MS Symbol to my document. Specifically, I need to add the \plus character and only that to my document below. \documentclass[a4paper,12pt,twoside]{book} \usepackage[...
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Importing a Single Symbol From a Different Font

Is there a general way to change the font of a particular symbol without switching packages? For example, suppose I'm using Computer Modern for my entire document, but I want the "subset" operator to ...
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LaTeX command for unknown symbol

I am trying to type the shown symbol in LaTeX and I am hoping to find a command producing this symbol. This is just a very crude sketch. The three lines are supposed to be equal length with 120 ...
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How to get double angle bracket without using MnSymbol package?

I tried the \llangle and \rrangle from the MnSymbol package, which is OK. But the package also changed other things which I do not want.
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The standard \cup vs. the mathabx \cup

I'm interested in using the standard \cup, i.e. and the one given by importing the mathabx \cup in the same document. Does anyone know how to do that?
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What is the easiest way to circumvent TeX's restriction on 16 math fonts?

I need to use math symbols from different fonts, exceeding the count of 16. What is the easiest way to adapt my setup to be able to use more math fonts? I'm looking for either of the following: ...
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Symbol $\perp$ with a shorter horizontal line to be used as a superscript

i was wondering whether there exists a predefined Latex symbol or command to write $\perp$ with a shorter horizontal line as shown in the image below which has been taken from an old research article ...
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Discard symbols from package

I want to use a single symbol from the MnSymbol package, \nuparrow (I can't find that symbol anywhere else). But if I use it, then it upsets the symbols in the rest of the document, which I am happy ...
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Creating a custom math symbol from scratch

I want to use a special symbol from the Com­pre­hen­sive LaTeX Sym­bol List called \diamondtimes. Unfortunately, when I include the MnSymbol package that provides this symbol, it also affects how ...
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Using symbols from the arevmath package without changing the entire mathematics font?

I know this question is very similar, but most everything there is centered on MnSymbol, but I am trying to use or "obtain" three symbols using the arevmath package (I am using pdfLaTeX and MiKTeX): \...
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Dashed left arrow over symbol

I want to put dashed left arrow over symbol. Dashed left arrow looks like this: $x \dashedleftarrow y$ I want arrow to be over symbol $x$, like in $\overleftarrow{x}$ , only dashed. I tried to ...
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Typing Following notation in Latex [duplicate]

I need to generate following notation in LaTeX. It's used in differential geometry to denote vector fields. I can't find documentation and detexify is not helpful either.
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What symbol for primitive recursive cutoff minus?

I am using $\overset{.}{-}$ for the primitive recursive function between natural numbers such that $m\overset{.}{-}n$ is m minus n if m>=n and otherwise 0. Is there a better and more canonical ...
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What to do when AMS and MnSymbol packages conflict on an arrow?

I need to use two arrows, one from MnSymbol and one from amssymb (\rightsquigarrow); unfortunately, MnSymbol redefines this command to produce its own version (which I don't want). Is there a way to ...
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Correct diameter symbol needed without stix package (pdflatex)

I have drawn a custom diameter symbol in TikZ and now I need the correct unicode glyph (U+2300 ⌀) in my document (pdftex) to provide the right copy-paste text in the pdf. I've found that the \diameter ...
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