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Section and Subsection Heading Style [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Formatting section titles How can I change the format of section, subsection and ... to something like below? 2.1 | Greenhouse Effect
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Underlining section titles [duplicate]

Is there a good way by specifying it in the preamble, to underline my section titles (not chapter titles), instead of having to do \chapter{\underline{Section Title}} for all chapter titles in the ...
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How do I change the properties of my subsubsection headers (ie. make them bold)? [duplicate]

I want to be able to put my subsubsections in bold - currently they are displayed in italics by default. What I have: 1. Section 1.1 Subsection 1.1.1 Subsubsection What I want: 1. Section 1.1 ...
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how to customize my headers? [duplicate]

I want my part/section title to have underlined and be bald and increase its size. I can't find how to make the wanted setting stay as my default. How can I do this?
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Table of content Latex problems [duplicate]

i have a problem in the table of content in latex because the sections and subsections have styles. the problem is the style of the sections and subsections affected on the table of content like the ...
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What do \makeatletter and \makeatother do?

Many LaTeX “hacks” begin with \makeatletter and end with \makeatother. What do these commands do?
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What are category codes?

Following on from this question, I'd like to ask a more general question: What are category codes, and what can I achieve by changing them?
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What does \z@ do?

in parcolumns it has \z@ all over the space. I don't see it define it anywhere so I assume it is some internal command or something? I can't really make heads or tails of it though and I can't really ...
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Where can I find help files or documentation for commands like \@startsection for LaTeX?

I can't find official documentation for the \@startsection command. I already looked in: LaTeX Wikibook LaTeX: Structured document for TEX, 2008 beginLatex — a book that comes with ProTeX in the ...
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What is glue stretching?

I had a question about dynamic vspaces (Dynamic vspace depending on text height) and there was a hint I should use a stretchable glue. Searching with Google didn't give me a helpful answer. I would ...
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Function and usage of \leavevmode

I am beginner of LaTeX. From many examples I found, I notice that it's very common to use command \leavevmode. I can't find any information about this command. Could anyone tell me what's the function ...
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What are the differences between TeX counts and LaTeX counters?

The title already states the whole question. It has been answered by Joseph Wright at, but I have not seen the according answer here at ...
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What does \secdef do?

The definition of the chapter command in KOMA-class scrbook is: \newcommand\chapter{\if@openright\cleardoublepage\else\clearpage\fi \thispagestyle{\chapterpagestyle}% \global\@topnum\z@ \@...
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Uppercase, bold and underlined chapter title

I have my document like this (in main.tex): % Document type: report (master/bachelor thesis) \documentclass[a4paper,12pt,appendix]{report} \input{template/FormatsAndDefs.tex} % here I have specified ...
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What do \m@ne‎ and \@M do in the definition of \@makechapterhead?

What do \m@ne‎ and \@M do in the definition of \@makechapterhead in book class? I took a quick look at latex.ltx and couldn't find any explanation.
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