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Underlining Text in Latex -- No Vertical Gap [duplicate]

There are many questions/answers on Stack Exchange and elsewhere regarding underlining text in latex. After reading (a selection of) these, I tend to use \underline{...}. I have one (fairly major) ...
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How to make tight underlines that omit longer letters? [duplicate]

Using \underbar{Categorical} produces But how do I automatically produce \underbar{Cate}g\underbar{orical}, which looks like I mean automatic in the sense that I don't have to single our the g, or ...
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Link formatting: colors, underlines in moderncv

Following the excellent advice in this site, I have started using moderncv for writing the new version of my CV. Unfortunately, after converting to PDF, my http links work (clicking on them leads to ...
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List of Underlining Packages - Pros and Cons

The \underline macro built into LaTeX is pretty much not useable per Why does underlined text not get wrapped once it hits the end of a line ? I have been attempting to use the soul package to ...
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How to check what the next character after a macro is

Is there a way to check what the character following a macro is? For instance, suppose I have a command \foo{...} that formats some text, but I want to adjust the spacing if the next character is a ...
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Should Hyperlinks include trailing puctuation as part of the link text?

I realize that this may be a subjective question, but I think this site is the best place for this. I am trying to determine if any trailing punctuation should be part of the link text. The typical ...
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Automating processing of trailing punctuation (if any) for hyperlinks

This is a follow-up to Should Hyperlinks include trailing puctuation as part of the link text?, and this question is about automating the processing of the trailing character. I would like to be able ...
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Contour text in xelatex

I have this MWE which work fine with pdflatex \documentclass[border=3mm]{standalone} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage[outline]{contour} \contourlength{1.2pt} \pagecolor{blue!30} \begin{document} \...
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Using soul with indirect formatting applied

I am using the soul package to underline omitting the descenders. It seems that passing the following as a parameter works fine \textit{special text} but if the \textit is applied indirectly via the ...
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Underline omitting the descenders with Plain TeX

I'm reading this question Underline Omitting the Descenders and wondering if there is a way to do this with Plain TeX and XeTeX.
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Using soul with indirect formatting applied (using macro with 2 parameters, one possibly optional)

This is a followup to Using soul with indirect formatting applied, where it was determined that using \soulregister allows the soul macros to have font switching macros within the parameters (...
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Font and spacing issue in expl3 macro using ooalign

So I was looking at underline omitting the descenders and wanted a version where I could control the underline thickness. Using the basic idea from the answers there, I came up with a method that has ...
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\fp_mul:Nn or decode and replace an old command

I have a XeLaTeX document which worked once, today no more, despite that I have installed texlive-full. The document contains a lot of mysterious code which I have grabbed from different sources, and ...
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How can I make text alternate color every line?

I'm not referring to tables, just normal paragraphs of text. I want, for example, every other line to be drawn in red, or otherwise highlighted. My use case is preparing exams for students with ...
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Underline Hyperlinks Omitting the Descenders

I want to underline links (\url and \vref, \href, ...) omitting descenders in the manner shown in this answer while still supporting wrapping of long URIs (via \UrlBreaks or otherwise). Ideally, I can ...
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