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LaTeX in Industry

I know LaTeX is used a lot in academia to format papers and dissertations. How is LaTeX used in industry and what are some examples? I am wondering whether knowing LyX will give me a leverage when ...
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How to define a command that takes more than 9 arguments

I have a mathematical transformation that takes 16 parameters (grouped into 3+8+5) and would like to make a latex command for it, so that I can easily change the notation for it if the need arises. ...
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How can I automatically calculate sums in a LaTeX table?

Sometimes I would like LaTeX to automatically calculate sums (or other simple arithmetic) for me, eg. in a table. I would like to ensure that when I update the table, I don't accidentally forget to ...
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Is anybody using TeX for business reporting?

Would TeX (LaTeX, ConTeXt, etc) be a good solution for PDF business reports that require dynamically generated graphs and tables? I need to create financial reports that must look top-notch in their ...
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Tool for manipulating LaTeX tables (HTML to LaTeX)

I am wondering if there is any tool that can help me work with tables in LaTeX. Specifically I'd like to be able to import HTML tables (or small Excel tables) into LateX Are there tools that can help ...
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Reading data from a relational database into a LaTeX table

I'm using Tex Live 2009 on Debian squeeze. I can upgrade if I really, really have to, but I'd rather not. I was wondering if it would be possible to do the following. Given some data in a (...
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File input and output

Are there any LaTeX packages that can assist with reading and writing to files? I am trying to develop a solution to the following problem: 1) I am producing a long report regularly. Part of the ...
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Using an exercises package to build lots of Math/Calculus exercise lists and tests

I have been using the exercise.sty package for a while now, mostly to build exercise lists for my students. After a few months from when I started, the code became very complicated. Today, it is a ...
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TeX as the basis for data driven document generation system?

I am in the early stages of trying to replace an existing document generation system based on Microsoft Office apps (Word and Excel). The system runs once a year to generate over 300,000 individual ...
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Is any TeX able to load data from SQL database?

I am still a novice in this field, writing only basic papers with Tex. Altough my question may still lay beyond my practice I would like to ask if any Tex is able to load data (texts and pictures ...
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Sourcing data from a CSV to make a pretty report [closed]

Can I achieve like this one using LaTeX? sample_report And here is the condition: All Chart are already provided in pdf or svg format Other data will be dynamically loaded from csv file (all of ...
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Could I insert the elements of a mdb or csv base in Latex?

I want to insert some information from a csv text file or from a mdb (MS data base) base into a latex document. For example I have a document with math exercises and I would like to insert the first ...
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Template which can change

This question might be too general, but is something I thought about because I needed this in several different situations. What I would like is to have a document of "problems" which I can solve. In ...
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How to generate question paper from question bank database?

I have a question bank(hard copy). Each question has multiple attributes(chapter, topics, year, difficulty, marks, no of choice etc.) I will generate different types(by topics, by chapter, by marks) ...
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Recommended database to handle large amounts of text for LaTeX automation [closed]

I am automating the production of LaTeX files but am noticing that depending on the selected database and scripting language there can be length limitations on the character strings being retrieved. ...
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