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How can I create entirely new data types with BibLaTeX/Biber?

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I need something similar to Add new field to biblatex entries, but for completely new entry types. (IIUC, the linked just shuffles one type onto another.) I'm ...
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Replace characters in string based on preceding and following character

The following two strings are the result of the expansion of a biblatex citation command: Unicom Computer Corp. (in re), 13 F.3d 321, 30 Collier Bankr. Cas. 2d 655, 25 Bankr. Ct. Dec. 152 (9th Cir. ...
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Biblatex's bibmacros, bibliography drivers, formats - patch or redefine?

xpatch offers a series of patching commands specific to support patching of biblatex's bibmacros, bibliography drivers and field/names/list formats (not citation commands though, as far as I grasped). ...
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Add field "tome" to biblatex entries

I need to add a new field in the @book or @InProceedings entries: this field is "tome", for I have for instance the following title: Francesco Bertolini, Società di trasmissione orale: mito e ...
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How should I cite European Union's General Data Protection Regulation? [closed]

How do you suggest to cite the European Union's recent General Data Protection Regulation? I have looked at Citing EU regulations using BibTeX, but I would like a more specific advice.
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How to cite a section of a Constitution

My question is pretty much what the title says. I'm using biblatex and having a very tough time figuring out what the proper way is to cite a particular article, section, etc of the Constitution (I'...
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How to cite a UN treaty (BibTex entry)

I need to add to my bibliography (in LaTeX, using Bibtex) an entry for the Paris Agreement (2015):
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Creating Entry in Bibtex for Executive Orders

Anybody have any idea on how to create the proper APA entry for an Executive Order in my .bib? I can't seem to find any guidance on what fields to use to make it work. The reference should appear ...
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How do I modify @misc entry to allow for no year-field?

I want to cite various legal documents. It is fine to put all info in the title field. The document tend to have their date and year in the title so if I put something year field the date will be ...
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Biblatex - xpatch bibmacro with unbalanced braces

I'm trying to patch biblatex's bibmacro cite using xpatch's \xpretobibmacro and \xapptobibmacro in a way that would require (I think...) to give unbalanced braces to the patch commands. Namely, I'd ...
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How to cite laws and regulations completely inline?

As it has been covered before, I'd like to cite laws/regulations/directives or e.g. court decisions. Use case My jurisdiction is Germany, in case that matters for the style. I don't write a huge paper ...
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How do I get square brackets around year?

I have a bibliography entry: @book{rvsheppard, title={R v Sheppard and Whittle}, year={2010}, publisher={EWCA Crim 65} } and I cite: \textcite{rvsheppard} These give: R v Sheppard and ...
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BibLaTeX APA: How do I prevent n.d. from appearing in bibliography when entry has no year or date?

I am using BibLaTeX with APA style to typeset my document, and I have the need to cite legal material. Using the built-in legal support is biblatex-apa does not give desired result, so I have to ...
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Will [lawcite] soon implement a Bluebook legal citation style? [closed]

Two years ago the Question What is best practice re. handling legal sources with Biblatex/Biber for disciplines other than law? received numerous thoughtful comments, perhaps helping to inspire the ...
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