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Any good ConTeXt tutorials / beginner guides out there? [duplicate]

I've been wanting to learn ConTeXt for a while, mainly due to its promises of finer typographic control than what LaTeX offers. However, every time I try, I fail and eventually give up due to some ...
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What are good learning resources for a LaTeX beginner?

Which book (free or otherwise) was the most useful to you when you started learning LaTeX? I am frequently asked this question by friends who want to learn LaTeX, and I recommend the book which got ...
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Where can I find good ConTeXt documentation

Where would be a good place to start learning ConTeXt if you haven't got a lot of experience under your belt yet? Any place online or in a bookstore is welcome, provided that the reading is well-...
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ConTeXt: How to use font optical sizes

I have a font with some optical sizes which I want to use. I tried two solutions (below), without success. How can I use optical sizes of a local font? The solutions I tried: Using \definefontfamily, ...
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How to make the switch from LaTeX to ConTeXt [duplicate]

I've heard and read much about ConTeXt and Metafun and there are tempting arguments to switch. But i still feel intimidated thinking about switching from my current LaTeX-environment, which includes ...
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ConTeXt XML: How do I typeset blank lines, leading spaces

I have the following example, where one <Line> is blank and one has leading spaces. ConTeXt is ignoring the blank line and trimming the leading spaces. How do I turn this off? \startbuffer[demo]...
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Right-align \sym in enumeration

\startitemize[before=,width=3.5em,inbetween={\blank[small]}] \sym{\bold{foo}} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet \sym{\bold{foobar}} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet \stopitemize gives Is there a way to align ...
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manual - How to understand ConTeXt commands?

The reference manual ConTeXt commands gives all supported options by command. Unfortunately, there is no description about the conventions used. ¹ ² \setuphead [...,...] [..,....
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What combination of engine, format and packages can provide for arbitrary single page layout of precise regions of different attributes?

What combination of TeX engine, format and packages can provide for arbitrary single page layout of precise regions of different attributes? Is this reasonably achievable? Secondarily, if more than ...
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space after proof environment name not right in ConTeXt

I defined a general environment using setupenumerations. Then I defined an example and proof environments that inherited from it. The proof isn't supposed to be a numbered and setting number=no in the ...