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Setup Synctex with Emacs in Windows with Sumatra PDF [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: A simpleton's guide to (…)TeX workflow with emacs I want to setup SyncTeX in GNU Emacs 23.3.1 with Auctex 11.86 to work with Sumatra PDF 2.0.1. I use Windows XP and ...
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What are the advantages of using version control (git, etc.) in LaTeX documents

Why would I need to use version control with my LaTeX documents? I know people who do it, and I've seen questions about it on here and on SO, but I haven't understood what value there is to doing it......
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Useful shortcuts or key bindings or predefined commands for emacs+AUCTeX

One of the problems I've encountered with emacs in general, and with the defaults key bindings in particular, is the diversity. There are simply so many of them that sometimes, at the end of the day, ...
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Everyday LaTeX and workflow?

I'm a LaTeX beginner and am wondering what a typical workflow looks like when writing a (longish) document. The draw for me is the ability to separate content and presentation, but it still seems ...
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What is your favorite Emacs and/or AUCTeX command/trick?

What is your favorite Emacs and/or AUCTeX command/trick? The point here is that I don't know what I don't know. I'm an Emacs and AUCTeX user looking to improve my Emacs & AUCTeX use, especially ...
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Org-mode export to LaTeX: temptation or nuisance?

We are talking about Emacs and Org-mode: There are several advantages of drafting papers with Org-mode and to have them transferred later to LaTeX, e.g.: I'd like to avoid »programming while writing«....
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What's a good editor for (La)TeX programming?

I've found several questions about editors for writing LaTeX documents ( LaTeX Editors/IDEs seems to be the definitive one). But I'd like to know which editors are out there that help you develop ...
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Working with templates

I have just read the wonderful article LaTeX templates and realized that I have tried to practice this approach but there is one technical aspect which I don't know how to tackle. I am talking about ...
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AucTeX extension for TikZ

Is there an AucTeX extension which supports the TikZ syntax and that one of the tkz-collection as well? In particular I want thinks like: syntax highlighting proper indentation that TeX-insert-macro ...
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Setting up RefTeX with biblatex citation commands

How do I setup RefTeX with biblatex's citation commands? In Workflow for managing references? Seamus describes a workflow with RefTeX and mentions that it wouldn't be too tricky to add \autocite ...
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What are good working practices for VCS with LaTeX documents?

I am interested in using a VCS to track changes as I write short LaTeX documents in my daily research. Essentially, I use LaTeX as a whiteboard for developing ideas, and then I have documents to ...
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Block indentation in TeXMaker

Is it possible to indent whole paragraphs of source code in TeXMaker (or alternatively, in any LaTeX editor), so that intentation applies to all rows in paragraphs when the text is wrapped over ...
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How can I make AUCTeX use the spelling dictionary in the same language as babel is loaded with?

Is it possible to setup AUCTeX so that it loads the spelling dictionary in the same language as the language used by babel? For example, is it possible to load the Danish ispell dictionary when a ...
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How can I make AUCTeX spell check in the language specified by babel and csquotes macros?

It is possible to make AUCTeX load the spelling dictionary of the language which babel is loaded with. One further convenience would be for it to appropriately react to changes of language within a ...
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AUCTeX – new commands recognized as such

Many non-base commands, quite used today, are not recognized as such by AUCTeX. This is understandable as not everyone will use them, and not every time. I'm thinking about commands like \enquote{...}....
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