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Biblatex guide? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do to switch to biblatex? It seems like biblatex is the way of the future for handling references in latex. The biblatex documentation file is a massive 288 pages, and ...
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Changing citation style doesn't work [duplicate]

so I'm finishing up with my project and realized that I have to change the style of my citations to something like this: % Biblatex {{{ \usepackage[ style=alphabetic, backend=biber, %...
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Citation styles [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do to switch to biblatex? Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles I've been using Latex for a while now and I'm very happy with the results. However, there is one ...
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What packages do people load by default in LaTeX?

I'm getting the impression from reading the answers written by some of the real experts here that there are quite a few little packages that just tweak LaTeX2e's default behaviour a little to make it ...
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bibtex vs. biber and biblatex vs. natbib

I've heard of many different bibliography-related packages/platforms/?. What's the difference between the following, which is good for what tasks, advantages/disadvantages, which one is the most ...
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How can I use BibTeX to cite a web page?

I'm looking to cite a number of web pages using bibtex and I was wondering if there was a specific template of the form @<template name here> for doing that. If you could use the following ...
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biblatex in a nutshell (for beginners)

Is there a 'biblatex in a nutshell' guide out there? I'd like if someone explained to me the essentials on how to use biblatex (what lines I have to write in my document, which files I have to have, ...
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Biblatex with Biber: Configuring my editor to avoid undefined citations

Running the minimal example \documentclass{article} \usepackage{filecontents} \begin{filecontents*}{\jobname.bib} @ARTICLE{example, author = {Other, Anthony Norman}, title = {Some things I did},...
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How to use biber

Simply put I want to know what steps I need to take to start biber with biblatex. I haven't been able to find any proper tutorials or guides showing how you go about using it instead of BibTeX. What ...
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What is the difference between bibtex and biblatex?

I've been reading about biblatex more and more on here. What is the difference between it and bibtex? Why should I switch to biblatex? Seeing the documentation doesn't seem too mature (or accessible ...
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Workflow for managing references?

What is your workflow for managing references? How does this workflow scale? Do you use programs like zotero, mendeley, jabref? What are their pros and cons? Does it allow easy integration of ...
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Bibtex Automatic replacement of 4+ authors with et al.

When copying bibtex entries from journal websites, they usually include a lot of information, and not all of it is necessary depending on the journal you are submitting the paper too. Currently I ...
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Is there any advantage to using \addbibresource over \bibliography?

I've always used \bibliography to tell BibTeX where my bibliography is, and when I moved to biblatex, I didn't change. I see a lot of biblatex answers use \addbibresource instead. What is the ...
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Sectioning bibliography by type of referred item

My promoteur has a very unusual requirement: the bibliography needs to be sorted first by specific type of referred item, next by author and by year of publication. I managed to get this custom ...
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BibTex - Show ISBN number?

Is it possible to show the ISBN/ISSN fields of books with BibTeX? For instance, I have the following entry on my .bib file: @book{QueueSystems, author = "Leonard Kleinrock", title = "...
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