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I'm preparing a guide for my students and I want to put a symbol before the item’s symbol in the enumeration of the exercises for indicate that this exercise is more difficult, very similar that the ...
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Mark a question with an asterisk in enumeration mode [duplicate]

I am using the \usepackage[shortlabels]{enumitem} package for automatic enumeration of question in my LaTeX document. However, I would like sometimes to mark (a) question(s) with an asterisk as to ...
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Change display style in enumerate [duplicate]

I want to change the style of each element inside enumerate. It should be: Ad (1) Ad (2) I have tried to do it by: \begin{enumerate}[Ad. (1)] \item \item \end{enumerate} But a result is not ...
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different labels for enumerate environment? [duplicate]

How can I use enumerate environment to generate something like this: 1) some text 2*) some text 3) some text
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Continue numbering within the same enumerate [duplicate]

I have a long list that I number with enumerate. Some of the items in the list should have a bullet before the numbering. The only way I succeed in doing this is by forcing the numbering of that item ...
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Enclose an entry in an enumerate list in parentheses

I'd like to enclose one entry of an enumerate list in parentheses, with the opening parenthesis appearing before the index number. I can do this manually by using \item[(3.] Item text), but this ...
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How to change the label of one item in an enumitem list

I want to change the label of one item in a list. I am using the enumitem package, I am very fond of it, and I have to keep using it (lots of other code would break). MWE: \documentclass[a4paper,...
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Customizing individual biblabels?

I am using the standard article class and bib style unsrt with LaTeX and BibTeX. I would like to customize individual biblabels in my list of references, for instance starring certain items as ...
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Adding a star in the tasks package

I am using the tasks package to create a list of maths problems in a textbook. Usually, these textbooks use a star or asterisk symbol to point out questions which are a bit more challenging than the ...
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Define a colour enumeration

The following code is very interesting as it adds an asterisk beside an enumeration. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{enumitem} %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% CODE thanks to egreg %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%...
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How to modify labels on some (not all) etaremune items

Similar to this question about enumerated items, how to do the same thing for the etaremune items? Say, the default 'etaremune' output is: fourth third (I mean '3', not '5') second (I mean '2') ...
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Adding symbol before some labels in description

I want to do something similar to this question, but with a description environment. That is, I want to add an asterisk (or something) before the label text of some of the items in a description ...
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