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Forcing linebreaks in \url

This question led to a new package: xurl I wish to typeset some relatively long URLs in a piece of text, and when I use \url{..}, the resulting text does not respect the margin boundaries that govern ...
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Manually URL linebreak with Biblatex

First I should say that I don't have much experience with LaTeX. I'm using BibLaTeX and Biber. My Problem: I have a (justified) bibliography with long URL's containing long words. BibLaTeX makes a ...
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How to fix this url bad box for stackoverflow link?

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Line Overflow and Page Breaks in References (Bibliography in RMarkdown PDF Pandoc)

Update I rewrote the post providing a MWE according to the suggestions by the comments below. Problem When generating the list of references at the end of my paper, the PDF output has two issues ...
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URL in list of figures

My usual image snippet looks like this: \begin{figure}[h] \begin{center} \includegraphics[width=0.35\textwidth]{images/image_name} \caption[Capture in list of figures]{Capture ...
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Hyperref linebreak in moderncv documentclass

I am using \documentclass[11pt,a4paper,sans]{moderncv} \newcommand{\MYhref}[3][blue]{\href{#2}{\color{#1}{#3}}} for one of my links, I am using: \cventry{MSc THESIS}{``Title here''}{}{}{}{\begin{...
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How to make footnotes span multiple columns?

I am preparing a scientific paper for IEEE using the IEEEtran style that gives a two column layout. However, URLs are not references and should be put in footnotes. Some of my URLs are long, too long ...
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Package breakurl Warning: You are using breakurl while processing via pdflatex

I am trying to use breakurl package to break long url, so it wraps around, since it is messing the alignment of my table. The problem is that I keep getting the message Package breakurl Warning: You ...
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Text goes out of bounds [duplicate]

I am having a problem on the appendix part of my research paper because the text starts to look like this The following is the code snippet that generated the line: \bibitem{featureEngineering} ...