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Figure inside a minipage [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to use figure inside a minipage? For a kind of report, I have to write each section in a boxed space. To do that, I use the following : \newcommand{\textbox}[1]{ \hfill \...
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Wraping text around a figure at centre [duplicate]

I am trying to wrap text around a figure, but I would like this figure to be centered in the middle of the page. I have been using the wrapfig package. My code is below. \begin{wrapfigure}{r}{0.5\...
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Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned

Is there any package or a method to force LaTeX to keep floating environments like table and figure closer to where they are declared?
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What is the appropriate methodology to deal with figures in LaTeX to prevent fighting it all the time?

I am writing a two-column paper and am trying to add images into it. I have been advised to just let LaTeX do its thing with the figures, but I find it generates large blank sections in many parts of ...
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Shrink table with \adjustbox and handling booktabs margins

I'm trying to shrink table to fit on a page (as described here) but code doesn't compile. Also, my table has some tiny gaps in margins, how do I remove those? My code: \adjustbox{max width=\textwidth}{...
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How to put a figure inside a minipage when using memoir?

I need to put a figure inside a minipage, like so: \documentclass{memoir} \begin{document} \begin{minipage}{10cm} \begin{figure} blabla \caption{test} \end{figure} \end{minipage} \end{...
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display both an image and a code, side-by-side

I'd like to display both an image and a code using pdflatex, side-by-side to illustrate a concept. The code uses listing package. How could I do that ?
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Add figures to a minipage

I've been trying to add figures to a minipage in lyx but couldn't really find a way. Does someone know how this is done in lyx?
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How to center a figure with two subfigures under an enumeration item?

I want to center my two subfigures under the enumeration item, while the figure output is just at the center of the page. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pgfplots} \pgfplotsset{compat=1.15} \...
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Minipages in Springer template

I'm using the Springer svjour3 template and trying to put two figures in the same level with: \begin{minipage}{\linewidth} % outer minipage \begin{figure} \centering \begin{minipage}{.45\linewidth}...
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Vertical SubFigures

This is NOT a duplicate of Insert two images as subfigures vertically I want two sub figures, vertically aligned. Question 229440 suggests using subfigure, but that requires \usepackage{subcaption}....
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Missing \endcsname inserted., "relax" when inserting figures in minipage in newcommand

I am trying to insert figures in minipages in newcommands to get two images on a a5 paper. MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{mwe} \usepackage[a5paper, margin=5mm]{geometry} \newcommand{\...
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How to align the Figure title of two side by side images within enumerate function

I have a latex document in which I have included two images side by side within an enumerate function. The caption for those individual figures is aligned to the figure itself, but the overall Figure ...
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Two different versions for exam, solution file needs to have a figure. Float(s) lost error with current code

I'm writing an exam for my class. The problems file needs to have an empty box after each question, while the solutions file should have the solution (preferably in a different colour). I got the code ...
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