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How to get DOI links in bibliography

I would like to add to all my bibliography items a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) link or a link to a download location. How can I do this with the natbib / BibTeX / hyperref combination? Currently ...
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Biblatex: use doi only if there is no URL

Is there a way to insert a doi of an entry only in case it is missing a URL field? It happens a lot that the doi and URL are essentially the same, and inserting them both yields a redundancy. I am ...
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biblatex error: invalid format of field 'date' - what's wrong?

I switched my .bib files to UTF-8 encoding and want to use biber for creating my bibliography (up to now I used bibtex). Currently, I do not get a bibliography for my thesis in the pdf, so I'm trying ...
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Biblatex: Print ISBN only if DOI is not defined

I have a large set of references and I in most cases do have either ISBN DOI DOI and ISBN I'd like to setup a filter that prints the ISBN only when the DOI does not exist. How can I set up a ...
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How to sometimes suppress the printing of the URL field

Alan's answer to a previous question gave me the idea to try something similar with a different field, but it's not working out quite like I expected. Based upon this APA guidance (specifically, ...
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Why does biber increase compilation time of pdflatex runs dramatically (factor 2.8!!)?

Since I am using biber, the compilation time for my document has increased dramatically. It's a dissertation with <300 pages and a full latexmk compilation suddenly needed 26 minutes which is not ...
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Biblatex: Convert doi-url into doi field

I use biblatex and would like my bibliography to only include a DOI field, whenever there is DOI information available. This involves two things: Biblatex has to suppress the URL field whenever a DOI ...
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Suppress URL if DOI is present in biblatex-chicago

This question is probably a home-run for people that are more into the workings of biblatex than me... Anyway, I want to achieve what has been solved here and here, but with using biblatex-chicago ...
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apacite: how to suppress url if doi is avalable?

I am using apacite package for my BibTex file, but according to my writing style, it's not required for url to be listed in the bibliography if doi is available. Is there any way I can forced apacite ...
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Define bibstyle output hierarchy for doi, url, isbn and issn in BiBTeX

I want to make a hierarchy for printing doi, url, isbn and issn in BiBTeX. Something like this (here "real" means that the bib-field is availably/valid): if "doi" real print doi else if "url" ...
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Biblatex bibliography style without URLs when DOI exists (in Overleaf with Zotero bibliography)

I have a Zotero bibliography in Overleaf. I use biblatex. \usepackage[backend=biber,citestyle=authoryear]{biblatex} \addbibresource{zoteroALH.bib} Bibliography entries look like: @book{de_saint-...
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BibTeX style file with hierachical use of DOI, URL fields [closed]

My custom BibTeX style currently does almost exactly what I want it to do: The title of the paper is a hyperlink, using the URL field in the BibTeX if one is provided, and using ...
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