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Compilation progress update for TikZ [duplicate]

Is there any way to turn on some sort of progress update for compilation using TikZ? I'm working on the fireworks question on a rather slow machine (ARM chromebook) and starting to have my doubts ...
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Are there any open research problems in the world of TeX?

For a year-long capstone project in computer science, I have to do some 'original research.' I'm still not entirely sure what this entails, but it just struck me that perhaps I can do research and ...
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How to influence the position of float environments like figure and table in LaTeX?

How to influence the position of float environments like figure and table in LaTeX? This is a general question and should collect useful answers for all users. I hope we can use this as a reference
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What is "expansion"?

I'm relatively new to (La)TeX, but I have a reasonable amount of experience with computational programming languages. Until I began learning (La)TeX, I'd never heard of "expansion"... So, what is "...
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How to best debug LaTeX?

..and I don't mean finding out why it doesn't compile, I mean serious debugging: breakpoints, figuring out value of variables at a given moment during run/compile, stepping, examining a stack (is ...
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How to trace LaTeX errors efficiently?

One of the most annoying things about LaTeX is that handling errors can be cumbersome and nerve-racking. In fact, it is the main reason that keeps me from actively recommending LaTeX to most people (...
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Core TeX "Hello, world!"

As an experiment, I wish to write a manuscript in core TeX, which typesets the text "Hello, world!", and compile it without any format. If I was using the Plain TeX format, this program would be ...
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What is the difference between 'macro' and 'command'?

Some people use the word 'macro' and 'command' interchangeably to refer to the instructions given to LaTeX. Is there a real difference between the two terms? If there is, can we see some examples on ...
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Teach me to debug

Ok, 35 years of programming has not prepared me to debug tex errors. It's painful. I can't create an MWE because the point is to be able to debug in place. Everything was working well, I would ...
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What do \@mkboth and \markboth do?

What do the toc related commands \@mkboth and \markboth do?
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Does etoolbox's \ifboolexpr use lazy evaluation?

In other words, is bool{testB} evaluated at all in this example code? \newbool{testA} \newbool{testB} \booltrue{testA} \booltrue{testB} \ifboolexpr{ bool{testA} or bool{testB} }{OK}{Something's wrong....
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How \if is handled?

In the following example \def\a... fails if \ifabc is false and \myif is not initialized before \def\a.... In contrast, if \ifabc is true, \myif may be initialized before or after \def\a.... It is ...
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Underfull \vbox - how to find offending page?

I am compiling a large latex template, here, and always have a few underfull \vbox warnings. I know that they're just issues with the spacing, discussion here, but is there a way to configure the ...
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Logfile very large

Everytime I compile my file, I get a message from TeXstudio saying The logfile is very large (> 2 MB) are you sure you want to load it? This is mostly because I am updating the bibliography, while ...
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"show" family debugging commands

As discussed here, there are many commands which can be used to "debug" (La)TeX composing process. I also know that sometimes the \show command can be used to show the macro definitions. ...
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