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Is it possible to use AMS Euler math outside latex (Inkscape)? [duplicate]

I am writing a LaTeX document with AMS Euler math as math font. I need to produce some figures with Inkscape, I for consistency I want to use the same font for numbers in my figures. However, I cannot ...
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How to include SVG diagrams in LaTeX?

I'm making all my diagrams in SVG format using Inkscape and then I export them to some other format (e.g. PDF, EPS or PNG). I wrote a short script that does this for me automatically, but I'd like to ...
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WYSIWYG LaTeX editor for maths

I am fascinated by the Maths SE using MathJAX for expressing maths equations. However writing the equations takes some time and searching for a newbie, so I am looking for a WYSIWYG editor that allows ...
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Exporting from Inkscape to LaTeX - via TikZ

I know only the very basics of TikZ, having only used it to produce a pretty flow chart for one of my documents. I recently learned that you can use Inkscape and export to TikZ. What are the ...
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How to use LaTeX with Inkscape (MAC OS X)

I've seen somebody asked this question a year ago, but no answers given so I'm hoping this might attract some more/new/different attention. Simple question. I want to use LaTeX with Inkscape on mac. ...
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How to generate this illustration in LaTeX?

I want to generate the following figure in LaTeX. I know TikZ a little, so I need ideas to reproduce the same.
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Vector graphics in LaTeX

I need to add some vector graphics to my LaTeX files. I would like to end up with good looking wireframes, such as in Hatcher's book "Algebraic Topology" (for an example take a look here). Which tools ...
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3 DOF Bicycle Model in Latex

A common way of modeling a vehicle's dynamics is to use a 3DOF bicycle model I tried to create this in tikzpictures, but I am having some difficulty. I was going to just give up and do it in ...
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Big diagram in LaTeX with the help of PGF/TikZ

I managed to make this big diagram in Inkscape adding the codes in LaTeX using the plugin textext. See this question for more. I wish I knew how to draw the big diagram about dual linear spaces with ...
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Best option to create vector graphics with LaTeX labels

I would like to create some vector graphics for my LaTeX documents. The graphics would often contain mathematical expressions that would should be typeset using LaTeX. As far as I know, my best ...
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Use Latex math fonts outside of Latex?

In Linux, I use a drawing software called Inkscape to draw some math illustrations. I want to be able to use the same Latex math fonts in the drawings, in particular the \mathbb and \mathcal fonts, ...
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Including pstex_t files

I have a figure created by Xfig that is contained in the files figure.pstex and figure.pstex_t. It is my understanding that to include this figure in a latex document, one needs to run the chain DVI-...
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Update on GUI applications for Latex/Tikz support?

I am looking for some easy way drawing flowcharts with external GUI software and then export the reult to pgf or tikz code. In this post i found some hints to freeware tools. However, the post itself ...
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Can't locate 'xref' (1) error in BaKoMa Tex when including pdf-image containing LaTex

I'm trying to include a pdf-image containing LaTex code into tex-document in BaKoMa Tex editor. When I include the pdf-image I get the following error from BaKoMa Tex: Note that I tried the hint of ...
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Importing images and math mode text

I want to include to my document a pdf image (generated by e.g. Adobe Illustrator). Is there a way to include math mode text? Idealy there I would like a library that would convert text in pdf $a^2+b^...
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