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unwanted vertical spacing [duplicate]

On some pages of my document LaTeX introduces a lot of spacing between my headline/paragraphs (around 5 times more than usual). What is the reason for this and how can I avoid it? It seems it is ...
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Too large gaps between equations or paragraphs [duplicate]

I am using a specific preamble for my thesis, a preamble which I cannot say I completely understand. Sometimes large gaps appear between paragraphs or between text and math equations although there is ...
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How to automate vfill on last paragraph before a page break in case of underfull vbox [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: \flushbottom vs \raggedbottom I have my Thesis with nearly 200 pages. I have encountered many underfull vbox problems due to the high of equation-to-text ratio. LaTeX likes to ...
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Extra vertical space after frame in document class {book} when a image not fit on the page [duplicate]

I create a two side document for a book. When I insert a image after some text and frame that not fit on the page, the text between frame and image starts in bottom of the page and created extra ...
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Changing Vertical Spacing After Heading (w. \linespread) [duplicate]

For my paper, I need to use \linespread for linespacing. But I have such problem: After seciton heading the vertical space is changing with respect to the size of the text after heading. Here I have 2 ...
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Do I have to care about bad boxes?

When I compile my PDF from LaTeX source, do I have to care about all the messages (currently 28) about 'bad boxes'? The PDF seems fine to me.
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How to fix the Underfull \vbox badness has occurred while \output is active on my memoir chapter style?

After some hours studying the warning Underfull \vbox (badness 2573) has occurred while \output is active on the question how to suppress "Underfull \vbox (badness 10000) ... while \output is ...
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Can you help me optimize/improve this LaTeX book template for a short story anthology?

Background I am not very experienced with LaTeX, but I am looking to use it to create the PDF so we can self-publish a short story anthology (previously our group has used MS Word, but that is really ...
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badness messages when changing from report to book class

When I change the documentclass from report to book I suddenly get a lot of messages like this: Underfull \vbox (badness 10000) has occurred while \output is active [] Does anyone have an ...
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Using parskip and geometry package correctly in my document

In another question asked here (Customizing chapter and section style (scrbook)), esdd gave me some recommendations for improving my code. I'm opening here a new question for not mixing things. The ...
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Spacing differs when chapter with equations extends one page

I have come across a weird phenomenom: When I compile the following code, the spacing between chapter header and the text with the equations is different than initially defined. As you can see the ...
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paragraph indentation strange

I have a first line of a second paragraph (from \section title) that is not behave like other first line in other paragraph. I need it to be indented but it din't even if I put \hspace{} before it. ...
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Unwanted negative vertical spacing

So here is my problem : I would love to add a minimal working example, but even my example "does not work". This only happens when these two precise environments I wrote down in my text (the custom-...
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To create this Coversheet with Flexibility

I try to create this cover sheet I started to browse different variants of coversheets and think Warsaw's coversheet, here, is the closest. However, I do not the like the source code how it is ...
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Spacing in chapter 6

I specified the spacing in my document (before and after titles of chapter, section, subsection etc.). It works with first five chapters and their sections, subsections and so on but somehow it doesn'...
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