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Making corrections during review of other people latex article [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Track changes” in LaTeX There is the corrections mode in Word package. All your changes will be marked. In this way one can show proposed changes in other people ...
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Proofreading methods for LaTeX [duplicate]

I am looking for good proofreading methods for latex. I am just writing a thesis and my supervisor is not familiar with latex. So at the moment I am giving her either a PDF or printed document to use ...
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How to revise a scientific manuscript in LaTeX? [duplicate]

I have prepared a scientific manuscript for a Springer journal in LaTeX (The Springer template defines "svjour3" document class). After a review process, the editor ask me to change some parts of the ...
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Track changes option in pdfLaTeX [duplicate]

Is their any track changes option available in LaTex, similar to word. If some other person want to mark comments in my LaTex document, is that possible?
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Highlighting modifications in a .tex file using Kile editor [duplicate]

I am looking for any option of automatically highlighting the modified or added text (in pdf version after compilation) in my current .tex file using Kile editor. I know that there is a similar ...
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Keeping track of book edits? [duplicate]

I'm currently preparing a new edition of an old textbook: I need some way of keeping track of what I need to do, and what I have done. Is there any software which plays nicely with LaTeX for this ...
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How to draw a big red cross through large parts of a text?

I am co-authoring a piece of text, and I would like to indicate that in my opinion certain parts should be removed, by drawing a big red cross through that specific section. I have tried to work with ...
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How can I temporarily change text colour?

I'm making corrections to a report and the examiner would like my amendments highlighted in red. Of course, if(!) they are accepted, I would then have to produce an unmarked (black text) pdf. Rather ...
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What is a good way to show changes between two versions

I would like to highlight changes between two versions of a LaTeX document. I have both my versions in git. Is there an easy way of generating a output document where all changes are highlighted. So ...
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Mark changes since last edition with bars in the margin

I would like to mark the parts of my document that have changed since the last revision with vertical bars in the margin. Is there a package to help with this? Is there a tool that can compare two ...
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latexdiff + svn not working with multiple files (flatten)

Short question Seems like --flatten doesn't work properly with latexdiff-vc. How can I get this working, without reverting to my elaborated workflow described below? Context I track the history of ...
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Install and use latexdiff without MikTex

I use overleaf on Windows for my research papers and thesis and it works fine. However, I received reviews from a journal, and they require me to track changes in my old and final manuscript. Inspire ...
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Environment to underline/strikeout for comparing versions

I have a TeX file that I'm editing with several collaborators and we use environments to highlight and discuss proposed changes like the following: Some text. \begin{old} Text that I propose to ...
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Facing problem with "Trackchanges" package

I am revising my manuscript according to suggestions made by editor including some grammatical corrections, and the editor wants me to display all the editing that I will make. For this purpose, I ...
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LuaLaTeX + fontspec: cannot compare documents with Acrobat

I use the option "compare documents" in Adobe Acrobat Pro a lot to highlight changes between revisions. What I just noticed is, if I compile a simple document such as the one below with LuaLaTeX + ...
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