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Change size of one page to A3 in a document with papersize of A4 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Change paper size in mid-document I've a document where I need to add a map as a figure. Unfortunately the map is best viewed in A3 size. Therefore I wonder if this is ...
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Override global page style? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Change paper size in mid-document How can I use default \documentclass[a4paper] styles in Title page, index pages, header and footer - but the text itself as if I were ...
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A3 landscape paper inside A4 report [duplicate]

I'm trying to find a way to incorporate an A3 landscape page in my report. I found a way using \newgeometry, but the problem here is, I can't get it to return to my preamble settings after using it. I ...
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Determine height and width of front page in latex [duplicate]

Can I tell my latex-document only to give my first page a specific height and width? I tried to use: \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{report} \setlength\paperheight{296.8cm} \setlength\paperwidth{247....
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How to change certain pages into landscape/portrait mode

How can I change the orientation of some pages of my document into landscape mode, while leaving the others in portrait mode (or vice versa)?
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Change \textwidth and \textheight in mid-document

I set my \textwidth and \textheight in the preamble and would like to change both for some pages. How can this be done? E.g., the following example for \textwidth appears to work for the page number, ...
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A3 pages within A4 doc

I'm writing my thesis and I'd like to insert A3 pages within my A4 document. Is it possible to place figures with captions (as normal) on those A3? I'm able to include full PDF pages which are A3 by \...
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Problem with setting correct custom page size with 'geometry' in xelatex

I'm trying to set the page size using the geometry package as shown in the following MWE, compiled with xelatex test.tex: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[b5paper,pass]{geometry} \geometry{...
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Centering full-page tikz images - with mid-document paper size change

I just got this question answered: xetex - Centering full-page Tikz image on page without margins with xelatex? - TeX - LaTeX ... and all works there.   However, here is my problem - I ...
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How can I maintain the current page nodes for portrait when temporarily entering landscape mode in TikZ?

Question How can I keep the current page nodes aligned with the same physical corners of the page in a document where the main layout is portrait, but some pages with longtable are in the landscape ...
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Foldable DIN A0 page within normal document

This question is somewhat similar to this question: Insert foldable A3 pages in an A4 document with active references However it's not completely the same. I want to have a foldable DIN A1/DIN A0 ...
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pdflatex and commercial book printing

I have published several textbooks that were typeset using pdflatex. In each case, when I sent them to the commercial book printer, the technicians doing the preflighting invariably found some ...
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Why does \newgeometry from the geometry package not change the papersize?

What technical reasons are behind this? From manual of package geometry: ... paper size options (such as papersize, paper=a4paper and so forth), which can’t be changed with \newgeometry.
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Centering captions in document that contains A3 and A4 paper sizes

In order to fit multiple figures on one line, my document has A4 (portrait) and A3 (landscape) pages. To set up the A3 pages I created a new environment (a trick I adapted from another solution). ...
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Landscape A3 page in Portrait A4 Document - adds a blank page or reorients previous page - please help!

I've got an landscape A3 page in an A4 document, but the way I've written the code, it requires a blank page, or orients the previous page landscape too. Can anyone advise? Also, is there an easy ...
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