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pgfPlots color plots [duplicate]

So I would like to present data using a color plot subdivided into squares. For a large data set, it is easy to use a 3D plot with surf, however when there is not so much information, this does not ...
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Visualising a matrix as an image, or specifying directly values for segments rather than for vertices [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Using pgfplots, how do I arrange my data matrix for a surface plot so that each cell in the matrix is plotted as a square? I'm trying to use pgfplots to visualise a matrix ...
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Simplest way to create a grid with colored squares and labels

I am trying to create a grid with colored squares, multi-line labels within the squares, and labels on the axes. Is there a simple and easy way to achieve this? This question is the closest I could ...
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Easiest way to plot matrix image

Is there an easier way to create this in pgfplots than plotting the matrix image externally and using addplot graphics (as on p.42 of the pgfplots manual)? A mesh plot (as suggested for plotting ...
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generate a surf plot from a text file

I would like to create a surf plot (like mesh in Matlab) with a view from the top. From a bit leasing I found this way for accomplishing that: \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis}{view={0}{90}] \...
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Building a 2D histogram with PGFPlots

What I want to achieve The framework ROOT can create 2D histogram plots with colored boxes indicating count rate that looks something like: My question is really only: can I produce this kind of 2D ...
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How to shift yticklabels vertically?

When plotting data matrices as done here and here, the tick labels get drawn at the border of fields. They should be drawn in the center. I've tried shifting them using hspace and vspace. This works ...
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Create a Shmoo plot with pgfplots/tikz

I'm interested in creating a Shmoo-plot using LaTeX. I have looked through the PGFplot-examples but couldn't find any that looked suitable as a starting template. Google produces nothing as well, and ...
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Invoke gnuplot through pgfplots to get a matrixplot

I have a code which gets two parameters and depending on them the code has different runtimes what I want to illustrate in a matrix plot. I'm writing the thesis in LaTeX the obvious method for me, ...
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Scale Axis in PGFPlots without changing orientation

I'm trying to plot a data matrix using pgfplots and a surface plot. The method described in this question worked well for me: Using pgfplots, how do I arrange my data matrix for a surface plot so ...
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2D histogram from a single row of a table, with discrete axis

I am trying to make an animation from a table that contains a row for every frame (year) where the rows are a 9x7 matrix unzipped: Date, Row1Col1, Row1Col2, ..., Row9Col7 1864, 0.65, 0.01, ...,...
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