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fractional: differences between \frac{}{} and { \over } [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the difference between \over and \frac? I just learned that {3 \over 4} and \frac{3}{4} can produce the same fractional 3/4. So I wonder what differences are between ...
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\atop vs. \substack for multiple lines under a sum

I did a search trying to find out how one can typeset multiple lines under a sum and found out that there is the possibility to use \atop or \substack together with a remark that one shouldn't use \...
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Why does amsmath print a warning about a foreign command?

I was wondering what was the cause of the following warning message with the specific \usepackage used below: Using the following: Preamble \documentclass[amssymb,twocolumn,aps]{revtex4} \...
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Is there a test for the different styles inside maths mode?

Is there a test for the different styles within maths mode? What I really want is to be able to save the current style to reinvoke it later on, but a \if along the lines of \ifmmode would work just ...
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When to use or avoid grouping?

For writing my own TeX code, grouping (\begingroup, \endgroup) helps on automatically saving and restoring TeX "variables". (La)TeX "variables" are either macros or registers. The registers can ...
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Practical consequences of using \over vs. \frac?

This question explains the difference between \over and \frac and it seems as though the most experienced members unanimously agree that \over is inferior (if not something to be outright regretted); ...
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LaTeX for plain TeX users?

Does there exist some concise documentation showing, for things commonly done in plain TeX, the recommended/idiomatic “LaTeX way” of doing something equivalent? Or if not, what are the most common ...
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How to manage tables with many fractions, where I like to give some sufficient spacing for the numerators?

I am working on a table with a lot of formulas (Laplace Transforms of various functions). Using a standard command (\[2mm]), I am able to generate spacings for the denominators. But the numerators ...
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Any difference between \binom vs \choose?

Any reason to prefer one over the other? Or are they exactly the same?
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\newline command is not working inside a displayed equation

\begin{frame} $$\partial_t \bar{A_{ij}}= e^{-4\phi}(-(D_iD_j\alpha)^{TF}+\alpha(R_{ij}^{TF}-8\pi S_{ij}^{TF})+\alpha(K\bar{A_{ij}}-2\bar{A_{il}}\bar{A_j^l}) +\beta^k\partial_k\bar{A_{ij}} + \newline \...
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TeX, LaTeX and fractions

I just stumbled upon a Math SE answer which used {num \over den} for fractions. This seems perfectly equivalent to \frac{num}{den}. I'm guessing the former is TeX syntax and the latter is the LaTeX ...
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How to get LaTeX to ignore a specific warning?

I use \over even though it is a bad practice (yes, yes, I know I shouldn't). Whenever I compile a LaTeX file using it, I get the message: Foreign command \over; \frac or \genfrac should be used ...
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Nice looking square roots with LuaTeX?

Very often there are questions like: "Why are the square roots so ugly? Why is there a difference in height?" $\sqrt{x} \, \sqrt{y} \, \sqrt{X}$ Then the answers all sound like: "Use \...
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Why is grouping used in the numerator of the definition of \frac but not the denominator?

In the answers to this question: What is the difference between \over and \frac?, one finds the ams and plain latex definitions of \frac, respectively: \DeclareRobustCommand{\frac}[2]{{\begingroup#1\...
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How do I make fractions automatically displayed in lines properly?

I would like to know how to make code of fractions in article class more easy to handle. Usually, if I type ${a \over b}$ then LaTeX does not display $a/b$, which is what I want. So I have to say $a/...
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