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Save and load TikZ graphs [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Outsourcing TikZ code Pardon the question, I'm an undergrad using TikZ and LaTeX to write-up my final term report. Is there a way to write the code for a tikzpicture in one ...
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How to create and include .tikz files in your manuscript?

Recently, I learnt about the matlab code matlab2tikz. The output of this code is a .tikz file that can be used, I guess, alongside standard figure packages with a simple line \input{mysphere.tikz} in ...
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Compiling a main document with many TikZ subfiles efficiently

What would be the most efficient way to compile a document of the article class with many TikZ subfiles? In the main document, I have added \usepackage{standalone} and then \includestandalone for the ...
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Making a series of child TeX files and including them as "chapters" in a parent file?

I want to build a big PDF of multiple TeX files which will all have the same preamble. They'll have \newcommand and \renewcommand as well as \usepackage and \documentclass because each file should be ...
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Outsourcing Tikz and relative paths

Summary: How do I get includegraphics to be relative to the current file, when using tikzscale? Details Similar to pmav I like to have a .tikz file which contains only the tikzpicture environment. (...
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subimport issues: tikz/addplot

I am using subimport to include .tex chunks from different folders. Everything except my tikz figures seems to work fine. Here is a minimum working example: organization: main.tex > Folder1 >...
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including logos with different colors

I would like to set up a package with some logos for titles and fancy headers and the like. The key problem that I have at this point is that it should be possible to get the logo in different colors. ...
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Is there a good way to subdivide your tex document into subdocuments?

Like classes in java (if that means anything to anyone)? Can you have a document which handles all the graphing, another which handles the figures where you can call parts when you need them in your ...
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How to automatically compile my standalone files before inserting them?

My document contains quite a lot of images generated by tikz, forest, bussproofs, etc., so compiling takes way too much time. It would be much better if I could compile my images to PDFs first and ...
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About saving a drawing as a `tikz` file

This answer describes how to include a tikz file in your document, whether it is an article, a book or a beamer presentation. It works fine, up until the point that you call for some other libraries. ...
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standalone: Outsourcing TikZ while relaxing predefined lengths

I have one main document and two standalone files of tikz pics as given in this answer. I need to have \newlength in the main document and all the standalone files in order to be able to run any ...
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Conditional compilation of a graph

Is there a way to avoid compiling a piece of TiKz code \begin{tikzpicture} ..... a heavy job here that takes 30 seconds to process \end{tikzpicture} so that, if we do not make changes on the ...
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Referencing pgfplots figure

If i have a pgfplots figure in some place in my file, how can i reference it afterwards? \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{loglogaxis}[legend pos=outer north east, xlabel={\#FLOPS}, ylabel={time in $s$}]...
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