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I am new to LaTeX. I was writing a document in LaTeX. I want to increase the spacing between the vertical lines, I can use \vspace{2mm} but that is not possible to write at end of every line. So can ...
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Paragraph spacing affecting table of contents [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there an easy way to have my whole document with a space between paragraphs rather than indentation? I am trying to increase the spacing between paragraphs, using \...
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How do i change the line spacing of my entire document to 1.15 lines?
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Spacing between the lines [duplicate]

How to set the spacing (vertical) between two lines of the document? What is the standard spacing?
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How can I space the lines in the whole document ?
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How to doublespace a document [duplicate]

I am writing my thesis in LaTeX, using Overleaf as the site to compile the document. I want to make doublespace between lines. Can I know: How to set double-spaced text (1-inch margins, 12-point font) ...
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Why is the linespread factor as it is?

The blog post Quick note on line spacing discusses line spacing and it says To change the line spacing for the entire document, you can use the linespread command in your preamble: \linespread{&...
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What does 'double spacing' mean?

I think I know the meanings of \baselineskip, \lineskip and \lineskiplimit in TeX, I also know \baselineskip, \baselinestretch, \linespread and the second argument of \fontsize in LaTeX. However, I ...
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How do I ask LaTeX to exactly fill up a page?

I understand that I can control interline spacing in LaTeX in a number of ways. The commands like \baselineskip, \baselinestretch, \linespread come in handy in controlling the interline spacing. Each ...
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How can I change the footnote line (thickness, length)

I am using pdflatex and just want to know how to change the footnote line (thickness, length). Besides that: How can I set the distance between text-lines in the text.
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Inline math messes up vertical spacing

Often when I use math inside a paragraph, the spacing becomes ajar. This particularly happens when I use exponents or "choose" notation (for combinations). Minimal working example below. The ...
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Finely control line spacing when already using the setspace package?

I'm using setspace to double-space an article (as it's widely known, this package behaves more intelligently than \linespread, Double line spacing alread covers the details). \usepackage{setspace} \...
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Double or one-half spacing

How do I double space just a portion of a document, and not the entire thing? How do I double space an entire document? What package should I use?
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How to get MS Word style single line spacing in LaTeX?

I am working with a limited amount of pages and have to write in Arial 11pt with single line spacing. Now, I noticed that the single line spacing in MS Word (which is probably what the authors of the ...
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Essay Formatting

I have an essay I need to write and I would like to use MacTeX, however it has been very challenging to get it formatted to all of my prof.'s requirements. If someone could help that would be SO ...
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