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Should I use \\ to end a line or a paragraph? [duplicate]

I am somewhat confused as to how to approach the following issue. In my thesis is have a lot of text and want to group this is using line breaks and paragraphs. Up to now I have been using \\ to ...
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Using \\ to Start New Line [duplicate]

When I was initially learning to use LaTeX, the professor who taught me the basics instructed me to use \\ as a way to end a previous line and start a new line of text. However, many of the veteran ...
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What is the difference between \\ and skipping a line? [duplicate]

What different effects do ending a paragraph in the following three ways have? 1. words words words words words words 2. words words words\\ words words words 3. words words ...
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Define amount of space after \newline, \\, or \linebreak [duplicate]

How do I define the amount of vertical space there are after all new lines? I am looking for something that works like this: \define{x = 4} blah blah blah blah \\[x pt] blah blah \\[x pt] Where I ...
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What is the difference between \\, \par, and blank line [duplicate]

Checking today this topic, they talk about the difference between \\, \par, and even a new line. And that people does not know the difference. And indeed, I don't know it. Can you enlight me? And ...
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Best practice for writing. Oneliner? Enter key? \\? \newline? [duplicate]

I just started using LaTeX to write my bachelor thesis and everything is already set up and working (took 2 weeks but it is finally done). I was just starting to write a chapter and am wondering what ...
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\parindent only works for very few paragraphs in latex [duplicate]

I used the \setlength\parindent{12pt} to try to add indent at the beginning of every paragraphs. But it only works for very few paragraphs (7 paragraphs in chapter 1 only 1 paragraph got indented.). ...
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Prevent newline [duplicate]

I would like to prevent the blank line in the following output, but setting parskip to 0pt still leaves a blank line: \documentclass{scrbook} \begin{document} \setlength{\parskip}{0pt} My first ...
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newline at end of newcommand [duplicate]

I have a newcommand defining a special paragraph (it's for a cheatsheet document): \newcommand{\command}[2]{#1~\dotfill{}~#2\\} I'm using it in the document in the following way: \command{A}{Desc A}...
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New line, line breaking, `\\`: a definitive answer [duplicate]

In most basic courses of latex, they say that to separate two block of texts, you need to use \\ at the end of the first one. Anyway, this seems to be a bad practice according to lot of people (see ...
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Proper way of line breaking [duplicate]

I know 2 options to break the line. Option 1: Abcdef\\ Ghijkl Result: Abcdef Ghijkl Option 2: Abcdef Ghijkl Result: Abcdef Ghijkl Are there any rules when to use which? PS: I'm using ...
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The use of \\ outside special circumstances [duplicate]

Several times I have seen this advice (or words to this effect): "Never use \\ to break lines outside special contexts such as tabular." (for example, Pass a 's' (star) parameter to a macro). ...
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How to add a forced line break inside a table cell

I have some text in a table and I want to add a forced line break. I want to insert a forced line break without having to specify the column width, i.e. something like the following: \begin{tabular}{|...
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Why should I use LaTeX?

I have heard a lot about LaTeX, but never used it myself. It is mainly used for typesetting professional research papers. But I am not writing research papers. Is LaTeX for me? If yes, why should I ...
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Table with multiple lines in some cells [duplicate]

What is the easiest way to have 2 lines in some of the cells in a table? The only way I can think right now is to actually have 2 separate rows (without the line in the middle) and use \multirow on ...
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