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Warning when adding package minted?

I am for some reason getting an warning when i try to load the package minted in sharelatex. The warning is Command \@parboxrestore has changed. Package fvextra Warning: csquotes should be loaded ...
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Listings: syntax for literate

In the documentation for the listings package it says: literate = [*]<replacement item>. . .<replacement item> First note that there are no commas between the items. Each item ...
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Beautifully format text of an external document

I have some formatted long text files looking like this: f=50 k_max=420 Iteration Func-count min f(x) Procedure 0 1 7.07212e-09 1 2 ...
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Problem with listings package for Python syntax coloring

I am implementing the method I learned here for putting Python code in Latex. Everything works great except that I have problems with comments. Here's the code from the link I mentioned: \usepackage[...
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How to keep indentations in Python code copied from LaTeX PDF?

I tried to include Python 3.6 code in a LaTeX PDF document which should be easily be copied to save to a file or to try the Python code. Although, \begin{verbatim} for row in range(1,9): for col ...
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Listings: recognize numbers and `1e-3`

This is a follow up question. Have a look at this one: Listings: syntax for literate with the solution by karlkoeller %Minimal \documentclass[]{report} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[...
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How to put a list of code in appendix?

I want to put a code in my thesis appendix. print('This sentence is output to the screen') # Output: This sentence is output to the screen a = 5 print('The value of a is', a) # Output: The value of ...
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get spyder-like color highlighting in pythontex

In my work with Python 3.4, I use spyder (anaconda3 2.0.1) and I like the highlighting of the Spyder editor (version 2.3). Is it possible to have the same highlighting scheme in latex documents ...
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Python code block outside of margin

I want to include some Python code to my Latex document. I have read this Tex Stackexchange question and added the following code to get syntax highlights: \usepackage{color} \DeclareFixedFont{\ttb}{...
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a good python ambient for my latex code

I am looking for a latex preamble in order to have a good python script. Here I found this \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % Default fixed font does not support bold ...
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How to include a caption to a Python code snippet

I am using a self-defined command to create an environment for my Python code that I want to show in my document. This command has been taken from redmode's answer to the following question: here. So, ...
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How to include minus and hyphen sign in colored python code lisiting?

The post: How to highlight Python syntax in LaTeX Listings \lstinputlistings command produced answer from redmode, that gives a colored python code listing. Although the text produces minus/hyphens in ...
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Using listings to add colorful code

By default listings adds black and white code. How can I make them colorful. Language I work on are -> Python, Mathematica, IDL.
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How to typeset programs as beautiful math

The programs I am talking about are Haskell(ish). In the programming world Haskell is the most math-ish of mainstream languages. However when it comes to taking actual Haskell code and typesetting it ...
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How to number the listings within sections?

I use this excellent approach for inserting external Python code in my document. How to highlight Python syntax in LaTeX Listings \lstinputlistings command \section{TEST} \pythonexternal[caption=test,...
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