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how to add the reference to the content? [duplicate]

Today ,I use the \tableofcontentsto yield a content ,however ,it lacks of the reference . My trial \documentclass{ctexart } \begin{document } \addcontentsline{ toc }{ section }{...
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Appendices and Bibliography in Table of Contents [duplicate]

My document class is report. I am using chapters and sections within those chapters. I have used the \begin{thebibliography} to create my bibliography, can someone tell me how I can add this to the ...
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How can I add the bibliography as a numbered entry in the table of contents? [duplicate]

My table of contents currently looks as follows: 1 Introduction 2 Related Work 3 xyz … … … 8 conclusions References However, I would like "References" to be numbered (9). How can I ...
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bibtex vs. biber and biblatex vs. natbib

I've heard of many different bibliography-related packages/platforms/?. What's the difference between the following, which is good for what tasks, advantages/disadvantages, which one is the most ...
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Incorrect bookmarks and page number in table of contents

I have problem with table of contents and with bookmarks. In pdf file table of contents shows wrong page number of Introduction and Bibliography, Bookmarks: introduction and bibliography don't bring ...
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How can I add the bibliography in a report with its own section, including number?

I'm writing my thesis as a report document using TeXShop (pdflatex and bibtex) and want the bibliography to get its own section number and appear in the table of contents. Here's what I've tried so ...
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References in bookmarks

The references does not appear in bookmarks. I am using the following environment. \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[bookmarks]{hyperref} \begin{document} \begin{thebibliography}{1} \bibitem{...
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How to remove double “Contents” heading?

How to remove double “Contents” heading generated by book class? I've tried using the following advice which was given for the memoir class but none of these solve my problem. How to remove the self-...
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thebibliography environment [duplicate]

When I write: \documentclass{report} \begin{document} \begin{thebibliography}{99} \bibitem{key1} First item \bibitem{key2} Second item \end{thebibliography} \end{document} The pdf displays "...
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Change "References" to "references" in table of contents [duplicate]

I am producing a simple document of the report class, with references produced by BibTeX. I would like to change the "References" text entry in the table of contents to "references", making the text ...
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Making Conclusion, Bibliography and Table of index without chapter Number with inclusion in Table of contents

I want the table of contents in my thesis to look like this: Contents First Page, Contents Second Page %The images are not included here visually, purposefully otherwise the question will become too ...
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Bibliography properly indexed in ToC but not in PDF

I realised my bibliography was not being included in the ToC, I was taking a look at However, while the inclusion of the option heading=bibintoc in \...
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Table of content of my paper is showing wrong reference page number

I am new to this LaTeX. My problem is, the reference page of my paper starts with 11-14. but on the table of content it is showing the last page number 14. when i'm clicking "reference" on ...
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bibliography is displayed twice in doc ( latex )

i use simple method to insert my biblio and webography in my doc : \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{report} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[francais]{babel} \usepackage[left=2.5cm,...
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Making bibliography appear in ToC (BibLaTeX, Article class) [duplicate]

I'm having trouble getting my bibliography visible in my Table of Contents. I've googled and read especially the earlier thread, but still can't get this to work. See below part of my preamble: \...
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