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Enumerate and multicol [duplicate]

Following up the thread here: Generating a template and the answer provided by Andrew Cashner, my question now is: I decided to remove the \section stuff and adding the enumerate environment. The ...
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How do I force a column-break in a two-column document?

Similar to How do I force a column-break in a multi-column page? I want to force a column-break in a two-column document. \columnbreak seems to be undefined without the multicol package.
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How to make a section header span the whole page in a twocolumn document

I am writing a book in twocolumn format. Section headers appear in their respective column, and for most of the book, that is fine for me. But for a specific chapter of the book, I would prefer the ...
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how to insert two columns in latex?

I wish to write the code of the picture displayed below.. How do I code this? I am confused
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Column break only if within first column of multicol

Background Creating books automatically using LaTeX-escaped user-generated content. Problem The book layouts make use of the multi-column package, with the book content separated into sections. If ...
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Several \begin{equation} \end{equation} in columns

I have 3 elements of the following form (approx ~20 equations for each one) : \begin{equation} \begin{aligned} % LOTS OF EQUATIONS % \end{aligned} \end{equation} How to put display these 3 elements ...
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Force column break within tabbing environment

Basically following the instructions here, I'm trying to enfore a column break in my text. My text is, however, embedded within a tabbing environment, and following the said instructions results in ...
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Forcing a column-break in a multi-column page

This is a follow up to the question How do I force a column-break in a multi-column page?. Compiling code from the accepted answer at (and ...
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Forcing separation of content in two columns

I've been using the multicol package lately because I was trying to typeset content in two columns and I like minimalist solutions. However I've been having trouble trying to force content to stay in ...
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Place `tikzpicture` on the left of the text

Background I’d like to write a LuaLaTeX document for the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Holy Week (from the Psalm Sunday through Easter Sunday). I do this in Slovak language (here’s a pdf that uses ...
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How to force to start to write in the right column in a twocolumn document

If I want to start to write in the right column of the document in a twocolumn document class how should I do? I have already tried \newpage but it startss new page and \columnbreak results ...
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How do you adjust the margins for text in a minipage?

\documentclass[letterpaper,10pt]{article} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage[none]{hyphenat} \usepackage[margin=1in]{geometry} \usepackage{fancyhdr} \usepackage{graphicx} \...
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Two-column Book document class, How to create a proper objective type question paper?

There are three problems: 1. All options of question are not just below the question, they are moving to the next column. (this can be sorted out by using \vspace \vfill \mbox etc.) Is there any way ...
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Multi column layout

I have been using LaTex for isolated mathematical expressions, so I'm quite a newbie in the text layout questions. Here's the layout i'm trying to achieve: The gray outline boxes are shown just for ...
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