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How to get long \texttt sections to break

I often format path names with \texttt which can be very long. Usually Tex will not break this text. The line will just create a hbox overflow. It looks like this: ................ ...C:\documents ...
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Highlight text in code listing while also keeping syntax highlighting

I’m using the listings package for code listings. Now I try to highlight some part of the code using \hl from the soul package. Here’s an example of a resulting query where the injected part of a SQL ...
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Wrapping long lines that contain no spaces

I need to format extremely long strings of text. I would like to be able to specify their width, and have them wrap, with or without some special symbol to indicate that the line is wrapped. The ...
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Rounded box around placeholder text that supports line breaking

I want to draw a rounded box around a piece of text like that: The left and right borders should be half circles and line breaking should be supported. This my code so far: \setuppapersize[A7] \...
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Colored background in inline listings

I would like to make inline code more distinguishable from the text surrounding it, and I thought that using a background might work (like it is done on the stackexchange pages.) Since I use the ...
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How to make inline listings wrap nicely?

Does anyone know how to make inline listings wrap nicely? Take a look at the screenshot that I attached below. The code example in the second line goes outside the text margin. Also, any ideas why ...
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Different background colors for lstinline

In the following code, I've decided to use the code from Colored background in inline listings so as to redefine \verb to have the possibility to use colors for the text and the background of the ...
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make soul highlight span lines

The \hl command from the soul package highlights spans of text with a backround color when color is loaded. When used on longer spans of text, some inter-line spacing remains uncolored, which is ...
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How to redefine \lstinline to automatically highlight or draw frames around all inline code snippets?

How to redefine \lstinline to automatically highlight or draw frames around all inline code snippets? E.g. using \bh and \eh commands from Highlight text in code listing while also keeping syntax ...
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Long code that needs to wrap

How would I enter this text on an 8.5x11 worksheet with 1.25inch margins all around so wraps around and does not extend onto the margins? Using normalsize text. SolverAdd CellRef:=Worksheets("...
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Background color in inline code listings with linebreak

I want to highlight code inline with a gray background. Preferably with listings. This question is related to Colored background in inline listings. But as my MWE shows it doesn't work with line ...
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Allow line breaks in highlighted text [duplicate]

When I highlight a bit of text using \colorbox, it prevents line breaking. How does one give tex permission to break lines? Example: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{color} \begin{document} ...
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Inline colorbox & linebreaks

First and foremost, I have found some solutions here, here, and there but they seem overly complicated for what I am trying to accomplish. Problem I am trying to somewhat reproduce the code ...
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Adjusting perimeter of colorbox to fit text

Consider this MWE: \documentclass[11pt]{article} \usepackage[left=1.5cm,top=2.5cm,right=3.5cm,bottom=3.2cm,a4paper]{geometry} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage{adjustbox} \usepackage{setspace} \...
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Markdown -> Latex -> PDF: md inline code snippets going out of page bounds

Problem I have a bunch of files for our software that use backticks for inline code. I pull them as part of the documentation build process and compile a PDF with latex. Latex seems ...
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