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Number in name of commands? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Definining commands/abbreviations that contain numbers I wanted to know if it was possible to define a new command with a name that contains numbers? e.g. \newcommand{\agent1}...
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How to define macros with numbers in them? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Definining commands/abbreviations that contain numbers How can I define macros as \text1,\text2...\text3 which, when invoked will produce text with different widths?
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difficulty using \newcommand with previously specified new commands [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Definining commands/abbreviations that contain numbers I'm having some difficulty with setting a command using \newcommand. The command I'm trying to create is as follows: \...
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Creating a command with numbers on it [duplicate]

As I work with matrices all the time, I want to create the following command: \newcommand{\2x2}{2 \times 2} So that, for example, I can write: Let A \in \mathbb{K}^{\2x2}, ... etc. I have seen that ...
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\newcomand causes failure [duplicate]

im new to Latex, so pleas make explenation easy ;) im working with latest latex version on miktex i tried some \newcommand today and caused an error with this command: \newcommand{\N0}{ n_{0} }. when ...
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How do I create a newcommand which outputs a letter with an index? [duplicate]

When I use \newcommand{\F1}{$\mathrm{F}_1$} I get the Missing \begin{document}. error and missing $ inserted if I move it inside the document. How do I define a macro so that \F1 would expand to $\...
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LaTeX commands starting with a numeral [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Definining commands/abbreviations that contain numbers newcommand name cannot include numbers for example \Mycomand123 It seems like command names starting with a numeral ...
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about newcommand [duplicate]

I have trying to use new command to represent math, and this is what I type in: \\ \newcommand\fpi2[2][\pi][2]{frac{#1}{#2}}\\ \newcommand\mylim[2][x]{lim_{#1\to #2}} I'm trying to create a new ...
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How to use \s16o2 as a newcommand in latex and bibtex? [duplicate]

I would like to use the \s16o2 newcommand for S$^{16}$O$_2$. How to define it? Thank you for your help!
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names of commands that include numbers [duplicate]

I would like to use numbers in \newcommand names. Would this be possible ? \newcommand{\p13} {\geometry{paperwidth=13cm,paperheight=21cm}} \newcommand{\p26} {\geometry{paperwidth=26cm,...
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Command/macro name cannot include numbers and symbols

I would like put picture into table, and my idea is define new command as below> \newcommand{\EJ471}{\includegraphics[scale=0.150]{EJ_471.jpg}} But compiler reports an error. If I use the command ...
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tikz foreach index in variable name

I want to have a set of variables holding numerical values (e.g., cnt1, cnt2, cnt3) and access them based on the foreach index. For example: \foreach \i in {1,...,5} { \pgfmathtruncatemacro{\cnt\...
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Numbers in Newcommand

I have some thousands of special text lines specifically numbered. 001001=aaaaaaaa 001002=bbbbbbbb 001003=cccccccc 002001=dddddddd 002002=mmmmmmmm 002003=jjjjjjjj 003001=uuuuuuuu 003002=iiiiiiii ...
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Workarounds for including a number in a command (name)? or argument-specific macro definitions

I was wondering if there are any clever workaround for including a number in a custom macro name? I'm working with a platform that integrates LaTeX with a computer algebra system, and frequently have ...
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macro names with special characters

Is it possible to create macro names with special characters in it? I would like to creates some macro's that have names like \s1.4 and also to be able to use them like \s1.4Test where Test is not ...
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