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{abc] is about questions regarding the abc package used to include lines of music written in the ABC plus language.

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Command naming convention different abc letters

Is it possible to define command name containing greek (and latin) letter with any type of *tex? (latex, latex...) Eg: \μμμμ or \μinv
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abc package doesn't work

I I use a piece of latex to illustrate the package abc, as follows: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[generate,ps2eps]{abc} \thispagestyle{empty} \begin{document} This is an Irish reel: \begin{abc}[...
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How to produce multistave music using abc notation in a document?

I have been trying to get the package '''abc''' to produce multistave music notation within a document. If possible I'd like to find a solution using this rather than, for instance, LilyPond. After ...
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Laying out music and text

I'd like too create some charts like This is basically using inline simple musical percussion like staves and ...
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Generate a musical note on Overleaf

How can I write music sheet on Overleaf? I am trying to generate a single "A1" note as shown below:
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Preprocessing LaTeX with the help of arara

I wrote a perl script (teximporter) to facilitate the use of in-line foreign textual notation inclusion in LaTeX. Typically, it calculates a set of files (images, attach, ...) and a latex replacement ...
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