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adjmulticol is a package for adjusting margins in multicolumn and single column output.

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Text is missing but no errors

I have seen some reports here of people complaining that in some rare cases LaTeX does not typeset some of the input text, without any apparent reason. And that the error is so random that a minimum ...
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Error with adjmulticols package

I'm writing an article with LaTeX and I would like to create a legend formatted on two column with a margin (using the adjmulticol package) inside a figure environment. When I build my file I have ...
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breakline in textbf in multicolumns

I have given a thesis template and I am trying to fill inside cover page, but whatever I do, the "thesis title" part don't break the line automatically. Here is the given code: \newpage \newgeometry{...
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memoir, adjmulticol, three column index

For my book i use memoir document class with asymmetric page layout (spinner margin is half of outer margin). For index i change text width with adjmulticol to have a place for index in three column ...
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