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Questions tagged [agutex]

Class and style files for the American Geophysical Union

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AGU Template supporting information issue [duplicate]

The supporting information file just gives infinite shrinkage error for the AGU journal template. I have emailed them and tagged them on twitter regarding this but there is no reply. Did anyone manage ...
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2 answers

Eliminating words in citation format, either "doi" or "Retrieved from"

latex novice here...long story short, I am using apacite package and bibliography style, however I am technically following the AGU format, which is an even more restrictive version of APA 6th.... ...
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How to make word breaking work, and have a straight line on the right?

I am new to Latex, I apologize for the very basic question in advance. I just cannot make Latex breake the words correctly, or adjust the spacement of words properly so that I have a straight line at ...
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Referencing style in APA format

AGU publications now require preparing manuscript in APA format, but the template provided on their website is old and not according to APA format. I do not know what modification should I make to ...
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Set up vim, latex for AGU template

On a Mac, I have been using vim-latex for a while and had set it up a while ago to output pdfs via the :ll command in vim (using pdflatex if I'm correct) and viewing the output via the :lv command (...
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how to have \tag, \text and cases environment like things in eqnarray

I have this journal template that insists that I do not use amsmath in any way and forces me to use eqnarray. I am very used to amsmath and have things like cases environment, \tag, \text, etc. in my ...
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