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1 answer

Relabelling reference with link

Sorry if this is a repeat question, I have found it really difficult to even google what I am trying to do! As such I have to admit to not really having tried much myself as I dont even really know ...
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Aliasing in \texttt and \textsf

I am interested in using Charter BT font from Consider this MWE \documentclass[b5paper,11pt]{scrbook} \usepackage[bitstream-charter]{mathdesign} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \begin{document} ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Command for aliasing environments

I'd like to have a command that defines an alias for an existing environment. My idea: \newcommand{\envalias}[2]{ \let\#1\#2 \let\end#1\end#2 } So e.g. \envalias{eq}{equation} would give me ...
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8 votes
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PGFPlots - how to avoid aliasing when plotting 3d surface on limited domain

I'm trying to render the following plot so that the shading goes right up to the bounding curve without this jagged aliasing. The function is $\frac{x}{y^5 + 1}$ in the domain $\sqrt{x} \le y \le 2$ ...
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The_{\text{legend}}: 'legend' is aliased

Using Python and Matplotlib to create a plot with a legend given by the expression in the title of this question. 'The' is rendered ok, ie, in italics, but, when magnified (zoomed) 'legend' becomes ...
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plotting unit circle with custom arrows

is it possible to plot this in latex? If not, could use some sugestions of alternate tools Thanks!
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0 answers

TeX4ht aliasing on equations' images

I am compiling a .tex file to html using TeX4ht induced by the htlatex command. When TeX4ht compiles a document and turns equations into images, however, it produces low-quality images with little ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Rendering PDF graphics without aliasing

I am using MATLAB to generate .eps vector graphics, editing them in Adobe Illustrator, and then saving them as a PDF. When I view the image through Adobe Acrobat, it is covered with cross-hatched ...
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0 answers

Switch off anti-aliasing in bitmaps [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: My pixel perfect picture gets blurry when compiled in LaTex When including a small bitmap scaled to a larger size: how can I disable anti-aliasing? \documentclass{article} \...
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